Pamdemic Updates From Around The World

A lot of people refer to the coronavirus as the “bug.” The more correct phrase would be “bugs.” At present, health officials say, there are at least eight strains of the coronavirus wreaking havoc across the world. Photo Credit: AP

Numbers in US as of Saturday: 300,565 Cases confirmed- 8,150 deaths- 14,518 recoveries 

Global Numbers: 1,170,150 cases confirmed 63,832 deaths  237,938 recoveries 

Notes From Around the World 

  • Israel Police and the IDF are gearing up to enact military-enforced closures on more  Ultra-Orthodox cities and neighborhoods, at the request of the Health Ministry. The move comes just days after the government approved such a closure on Bnei Brak, a haredi city of 200,000, and as the number of cases of coronavirus infection in Israel surged to 7,851, Jerusalem Post reported.
  • Bnei Brak has more coronavirus cases per capita than any other city in Israel, according to the Health Ministry. On Friday, 1,061 residents were diagnosed with the virus there – up 513 people in the last three days, JP reported.
  • 8 more people died over the weekend so far  bringing the country’s coronavirus death toll to 44
  • A senior Iranian health official has said that there may be a resurgence of coronavirus in the area in and around the capital of Tehran, as residents flout restrictions. Iran is the worst-hit country by coronavirus in the Middle East. On Saturday, the country announced 158 more coronavirus patients had died in the past 24 hours, bringing the total death toll to 3,452. The total number of cases currently stands at 55,743.
  • Dubai has announced a two week lockdown to limit the spread of coronavirus beginning tonight, according to state news agency WAM. Mobility will be restricted, and legal action will be taken against those who do not comply, the government has said. Supermarkets, pharmacies, alongside food and drug delivery services will continue to work as normal.
  • More than 25 organisations helping domestic violence victims in the UK have reported an increase in their caseload since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, domestic violence is increasing due to the quarantine
  • The coronavirus death toll in France has reached 7,560since 1 March, the health ministry has said. This figure includes hospitals and nursing homes. Of these 5,532 occurred in hospital, up from 5,091 on Friday. This is a lower increase than in previous days. The number of deaths in care homes was 2,028, up 612 from yesterday. The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in hospitals has reached 68,605. This has increased by more than 4,000 from 64,338 on Friday.
  • Confirmed cases of coronavirus in Turkey have reached 23,934, an increase of more than 3,000 since yesterday. Coronavirus-related deaths rose by 71 to 501 people, Heath Minister Fahrettin Koca said on Twitter.
  • The number of deaths from coronavirus in Italy has passed 15,000. On Saturday, the country registered 681 deaths from Covid-19 – 86 less than Friday, bringing the total to 15,362. Currently, 88,274 are infected, with an increase of 2,886 new cases, 547 more than Friday. At this point 1,238 have recovered, bringing the total number to 20,996. In total, 124,632 people have tested positive with coronavirus in Italy, including people who have died, recovered and the ones who are currently infected.
  • The number of coronavirus cases in Canada has risen to 12,924, up from 11,747 yesterday, there have been 214 recorded deaths. On 3 April, there were 152, Reuters pointed out .
  • Cats have been infected with coronavirus in Wuhan, and can get the virus from close contact with humans, Chinese state media is reporting. According to a new report, 15 of the serum samples of 102 cats collected in Wuhan, where the virus originated, tested positive for coronavirus.
  • UK Update: 708 people have been recorded as dying from coronavirus since yesterday, the highest daily total so far. This is an increase of 20%. 637 of these were in England. In England, the youngest of the daily rise was aged five years old, and the eldest 104. Of these, 40 had no known underlying health conditions,and this group were aged between 48 and 93. Wales has recorded 154 deaths and Scotland, 218 and Northern Ireland, 56. This brings the national death toll to 4,313 – important to remember that this is only the number of deaths in hospital
  • The Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, has said he had a telephone conversation with the US president, Donald Trump, about using the two countries’ partnership to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, Modi tweeted
  • Confirmed coronavirus cases in Portugal pushed past the 10,000 mark on Saturday, Reuters reports, as the country’s health minister said there was still “no light at the end of the tunnel”. Portugal has confirmed 10,524 coronavirus cases and 266 deaths, with health authorities expecting the outbreak to plateau at the end of May.
  •  Latin America’s worst hit country, Brazil officially has 9,056 cases and 359 deaths




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