NY Pandemic Update; Cuomo “To let homeless people stay on the trains with no mask, no equipment — you’re not helping the homeless,”

  • Another 330 New Yorkers died of coronavirus yesterday, governor Andrew Cuomo announced during his daily briefing on the state’s response to the pandemic.
  • Tuesday’s daily death toll was almost identical to Monday’s, meaning the rate of fatalities in the state is remaining high, even though it has come down significantly from a few weeks ago.
  • Cuomo noted overall coronavirus hospitalizations once again dropped slightly, but the number of new hospitalizations was up slightly from Monday, a disconcerting sign as the state looks ahead to reopening.
  • The governor announced the state has conducted more than 2,000 antibody tests on first responders so far, which showed 17.1% of New York fire department and EMT workers and 10.5% of New York police officers tested positive.
  • New York governor Andrew Cuomo said the state would administer coronavirus tests to 1,000 transportation workers. Cuomo said he has also directed the MTA to develop a plan to disinfect every subway car every night to limit the spread of the virus. The governor  railed against allowing those who are homeless to sleep in subway cars, warning that could cause transmission of the virus.
  • “To let homeless people stay on the trains with no mask, no equipment — you’re not helping the homeless,” Cuomo said. (Editor’s Note, TJV has been reporting repeatedly that the homeless on the trains are a major spreader of COVID-19)
  • The governor unveiled a collage of masks  after sharply criticizing Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell’s comments last week suggesting states should declare bankruptcy rather than receive additional federal funding. “Politicians, try to be half as good as the American people,”  Cuomo said as he stood beside the collage. (SIDE NOTE: on Twitter after the State posted a picture of the mask collage, people commented why those masks are not being distributed,  the questions were not directly answered)
  • The governor also suggested Republicans were trying to direct government funds to big businesses instead of average Americans as the country suffers deep economic hardship. (Editor’s Note: one party does not control every decision made with the relief money, Cuomo sounded very political, something he has repeatedly railed against)    Cuomo spent around 10 minutes attacking Republicans,  then unveiled the mask collage.
  • Editor’s note: Cuomo disappointingly used his briefing to attack the GOP, instead of informing the public in  a non partisan fashion, that we have all become accustomed to.  Also of note, another windfall of bailout money is already planned that  will address the needs Cuomo hammers on about.
  • Ironically after blaming Republicans for favoring big business  and reciting reliable Democratic talking points about the opposition   Cuomo stated” “it’s extraordinarily dangerous” to bring politics into the country’s response to coronavirus.