New York Coronavirus Update for April 15th, Cuomo to Issue Executive Order to Wear Masks - The Jewish Voice
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New York Coronavirus Update for April 15th, Cuomo to Issue Executive Order to Wear Masks

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  • New York’s coronavirus death toll continues to climb, and the state’s daily death toll has remained flat over the past week. Cuomo announced 752 New Yorkers died of the virus yesterday, similar to Tuesday’s figure of 778.
  • This new deaths bring the state’s official toll to 11,586. That figure, however, does not include more than 3,000 people in New York City who died without having tested positive for the virus and who the city said on Tuesday were now considered probable victims. 27,787 Americans have died thus far from the virus.  132,76 worldwide
  • Side Note:  Gov. Philip D. Murphy of New Jersey said Wednesday that another 351 people had died in the state, bringing the total killed by the virus there to 3,156.
  • Coronavirus hospitalizations are slightly down in New York, governor Andrew Cuomo announced at his daily briefing on the state’s response to the pandemic. But Cuomo emphasized 2,000 new people were still hospitalized with the virus yesterday, showing the state is not yet out of the woods. “We’re still in the woods,” Cuomo said. “We can control the spread. That is great news.”
  • Cuomo said that the state will continue grappling with its coronavirus crisis until a vaccine is developed.“It’s over when we have a vaccine,” Cuomo said, noting that a vaccine will likely not be developed for another 12 to 18 months. Cuomo acknowledged he has received many questions about when social distancing will come to an end, but he has said he is hesitant to relax restrictions until the virus is more under control.
  • Cuomo said he would issue an executive order on wearing masks in places where social distancing cannot be maintained. Cuomo said all New Yorkers must have a face covering, and it must be worn when six feet of distance cannot be maintained, such as on subways. A number of state and local leaders have now issued orders on wearing face coverings, particularly at essential businesses like grocery stores.
  • Andrew Cuomo said medical professionals and other essential employers serving on the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis would receive priority once a system for antibody testing is developed.
  • After spending weeks emphasizing the need to obtain more ventilators, the governor said the focus now must turn to expanding testing capacity to move toward reopening state economies.
  •  Cuomo discussed “phased reopening” of the economy, governor Andrew Cuomo established criteria for determining when businesses could reopen. Cuomo said decisions about reopening would be made based on how essential the business is and whether the business poses a high risk of infection spread




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