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Forbes Publishes Study Ranking Israel As Safest Country Regarding Coronavirus Pandemic

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A new study published by Forbes Monday ranked Israel as the safest country in the world with regard to dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, although Forbes stressed that the study was not prepared by the magazine’s staff but rather by an external source.

The study graded 60 countries based on different parameters including: Safest country, most dangerous country, level of efficiency of closure, level of government management, level of discovery and control of spread of virus, level of readiness for emergencies. Israel was ranked as the safest country out of the 60 countries, followed by Germany, South Korea, Australia and China in fifth place. In first place for most dangerous country was Italy, followed by the USA, Britain, Spain and France in fifth place.

Regarding level of efficiency of the closure, Israel scored a high grade for restricting movement, enforcing and supervising the closure, but received a lower grade on economic relief for citizens during the closure. Israel also scored a high grade on its governmental management of the pandemic as well as on technology used to locate and isolate coronavirus patients, but received a lower grade on the amount of tests conducted on the population. (A new saliva test was authorized Wednesday in Israel which will not require a swab or a paramedic).

Regarding readiness for emergencies, Israel received a high grade for number of ventilators but a low grade for number of hospital beds per 1000 people.

Israel places 8th regarding the efficiency of its treating the pandemic, with Germany placing 1st before China, South Korea and Australia.

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