Cuomo Updates New York on Coronavirus; “You cannot handle this without your brothers and sisters. You can’t.”


Here is the latest information available from Gov Cuomo’s Sunday press conference.

  • 22,031 total positive cases (including 10,841 new)
  • 16,479 current hospitalizations
  • 4,376 patients in ICU
  • 4,159 deaths (up from 3,565 yesterday)
  • Cuomo says there were 594 coronavirus deaths in New York state in the last day for a total of 4,159, but deaths have gone down from 630 a day prior.
  • “We could be either very near the apex or the apex could be a plateau and we could be on that plateau right now,” Cuomo says. “We won’t know until you see the next few days.”
  • Cuomo said he would seek to shift patients from overloaded hospitals to other facilities with lighter workloads and more equipment. This was needed, he said, to address shortages in capacity and equipment in various parts of the state. “I can’t say to a hospital I will send you all the supplies you need, all the vents you need. We don’t have them,” he said. “You are going to have to shift and deploy to different locations based on the need of that location.”
  • Cuomo says 74% of those hospitalized have been discharged and notes that new hospitalization rates are down from around 1,400 a day on Thursday to 574 on Saturday.
  • The governor says the 2,500 beds at the Javits Center, which has been converted to a temporary field hospital, will be a major “relief valve” for Covid-19 patients.
  • the state is “working on aggressively” using hydroxychloroquine as a Covid-19 treatment.
  • Cuomo says that rapid testing that can be deployed at scale will help the United States return to normalcy.
  • So far, the governor said, the state has not redeployed any ventilators or equipment.
  • I would love to see sports back,” Cuomo says. “It would help with cabin fever. But this is not about hopes and dreams and aspirations and what you would like to see. None of us like being here. Follow the data, follow the science. Let the doctors and health-care professionals tell you when it’s safe to reopen and that’s when you reopen.” This was a response to him being asked about Trump hoping the NFL would have a season
  • In response to a reporter’s question, the governor said he had not invited Mr. Trump, a lifelong New Yorker until recently, to visit the state, which is the epicenter of the crisis. “He’s welcome to come,” Mr. Cuomo said. But, he added, “my guess is they are trying to keep the president’s health protect

QUOTE: We talk about the family of New York, right?” the governor says. “I must have said that one million times: family of New York. What does family of New York mean? Mutuality, cooperation, sharing benefits and burdens. This is the time the family needs to come together, not just out of spirit and love, but out of necessity. You cannot handle this without your brothers and sisters. You can’t.”