COVID-19 Has Transformed Our Lives


The Covid-19 virus, aptly named the Chinese virus, by President Trump, has immobilized and crippled the progress of the entire planet. We, you and I, have the options of moaning in place, stuffing quadruple rolls of Charmin in every available free space and carrying around a tape measure to guarantee a six foot separation from every other human being, or just plain waiting the pandemic out with patience and street smarts. Eventually it will just go away and life will return to what we considered normal, whatever the hell that was.

This will be another powerful, traumatic life event that we will carry with us the rest of our lives. Some of us recall December 7th, the 1962 U.S./Russian/Cuban atomic missile stand-off and 9-11. They staggered us, frightened us, shook us up, but we prevailed and went on with our lives. So will we after this thing has been beaten. Let’s take the attitude that we will be ever stronger as a result of this horror. We will incorporate the sanitary procedures we’ve learned as everyday habits.

We will take our politicians to task for endangering American lives they’ve put at risk by shamefully and cruelly, politicizing this disease. We will all come to understand the necessity for making our borders health and background check point stations for all who wish to set foot into America. A century ago, without the medical knowledge we are blessed with today, we had each and every wishful immigrant go through what we now consider to be a primitive health check. And it worked. Our parents happily and willingly went through this process. They and millions of others considered themselves blessed and privileged to be checked over as a stepping stone to citizenship.

So, let’s get used to this isolation. Let’s read, write letters, do research, daydream, converse on the phone and just stay well. Life as we knew it will resume as soon as the air clears and life returns to normal….as it surely will.

Yes, COVID-19 is also magnet for anti-Semites from across the globe. Never really needing a reason to hate Jews, the anti-Semitic cabal that has gripped our planet now points to the Jew as the one that started this horrifying plague and is the one that consistently transmits it to others. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, but when has the anti-Semite needed truth, facts and evidence to make his case against the Chosen People. What we can say is that this is just the beginning and the volume of Jew hatred will increase with each passing day. And don’t think that the nefarious forces who are truly responsible for this virus will not aid and abet those who are eager to disseminate their egregious propaganda.

But yet and still, there is always something to be grateful for and that can never escape us.

Let’s thank G-d that we live in this great land and that we have as our president a person who is not concerned with being likable, nice, even tempered or political. He is what he is; a true leader whose goal is not personal gain, fame or caving to special interests. He’s an American first, last and always. Let’s stick with and support him.