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Coronavirus Update From New York; Cuomo: ” The Future is In Our Hands”

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State Wide Data: 

  • Deaths statewide: down for the sixth straight day, to 478, bringing the total number to 14,347.

  • Three-day average in the number of hospitalized virus patients: also down for the sixth straight day, to 16,428, from a peak of nearly 19,000.

  • New cases were the lowest in a month: The state reported that 4,726 more people had tested positive for the virus, the lowest one-day figure since March 21. At its peak during the first two weeks of April, the number of positive tests averaged more than 9,000 a day. As of early Monday, there were 247,512 cases statewide

Important Note:

Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Monday that there were 3,485 medical-emergency calls to 911 on Saturday, many fewer than on an average day in 2019, before the coronavirus outbreak began.

Calls have fallen more than 50 percent since the outbreak’s peak in late March, when there were more than 7,000 calls in a single day, more than on Sept. 11, 2001.

Notes from Cuomo press conference

  • New York appears to be on “the descent” of its curve of coronavirus cases, governor Andrew Cuomo announced at his daily briefing. Cuomo noted there have now been several says of reductions in the net number of hospitalizations and intubations, and there has been anecdotal evidence that New York’s emergency rooms are not as overwhelmed as they were.
  • “The numbers would suggest we’re seeing a descent,” Cuomo said. “The number’s coming down, but how fast is it coming down?”
  • Governor Andrew Cuomoannounced he was forming a Reimagine New York Task Force to focus on downstate New York, which has been the most affected part of the state.
  • Cuomo said there were lessons to be learned from this crisis to imporve public transportation, technology and medicine for the future.
  • Cuomo emphasized that the state would determine when towns and cities can start reopening and the response would be coordinated across the state. “Everything is closed unless we say otherwise,” Cuomo said. The governor previously stressed that he recognizes New Yorkers’ desire to return to normal. “Nobody disagrees that we want to get out of this situation. Nobody,” Cuomo said. “You don’t need protests to convince anyone in this country that we have to get back to work.”
  • Cuomo suggested frontline workers should receive hazard pay for continuing to report to work amid the coronavirus crisis Cuomo applauded the contributions of essential workers, noting that two-thirds of them are women and one-third come from low-income households. The governor suggested an immediate 50% bonus for frontline workers. Cuomo said he supported getting government funds to suffering businesses, but he argued frontline workers should also receive relief now.
  • Cuomo told New Yorkers that they have the power to control the spread of the virus through their actions.“The future is really in our hands,” Cuomo said. “We can control the beast.” Cuomo again emphasized the state would aim to reopen the economy while incorporating the lessons learned from this crisis“We’re going to set the bar high, and we’re going to re imagine,” the governor said. “Build back better.”


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