Citizens Starting to Protest Cororonavirus Lock-downs, Some Politicians Worry Constitution in Danger - The Jewish Voice
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Citizens Starting to Protest Cororonavirus Lock-downs, Some Politicians Worry Constitution in Danger

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Civil liberty minded citizens have began reacting to the lock-downs in certain states, driven heavily by social media

A.P reported: “Across the U.S., elected officials from Pennsylvania to Oklahoma suspicious of big government and outraged with orders to close churches, gun stores and other businesses deemed non-essential insist that the public health response is being used as an excuse to trample constitutional rights”

The shutdowns reinforce long-held beliefs by some that governments would eventually use a national emergency to limit civil liberties as A.P reported.

Conservative Rep. Matt Shea of Washington state, has been one of the most vocal

Large and raucous crowds showed up in Michigan’s capital Wednesday for what organizers are calling “Operation Gridlock.” This protest spread rapidly on twitter.

People — in their cars, on sidewalks, lawns and on the Capitol steps — gathered to protest Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order. Organizers of the rally want some of the restrictions eased, and the state economy re-started., WWJ950 radio reported

They’re upset that the order applies to all of Michigan, instead of just hot-spots like metro Detroit, and argue that amid a pandemic citizens can be trusted to keep themselves safe.

Here is a report from Michigan media  WOOD TV 8

Meanwhile yesterday in North Carolina,

A group of demonstrators protested  outside the General Assembly in downtown Raleigh  calling for businesses to reopen amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Some are holding signs that say “Reopen NC” while another has a sign that reads “Freedom is not free.” Another has a sign with “#ReopenNC #Tyranny.”

Raleigh police were on the  scene – telling the demonstrators they were in violation of the executive order.

This caused red flags to go off among many strict  constitutionalists , conservatives and libertarians  as normally the right to assemble is a guaranteed constitutional right. The question is, what happens during a pandemic?

Conservative talk show host Owen Shroyer has been promoting a “You Can’t Close America’ rally on the steps of the Texas State Capitol in Austin, schedule  this Saturday.

Can we expect to see more of these protests and more politicians coming out against these corona virus lock-downs, especially  in areas that have not been hit hard?


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