Bombshell Report: In 2011 U.S Gave $3.7 million to Wuhan Laboratory for Conducting Virus Experiments With Bats


According to a bombshell report published in The Daily Mail, it appears quite possible  that Covid-19 might  have been created in a lab.

The Daily mail reported:  Documents obtained by The Mail on Sunday show the Wuhan Institute of Virology undertook experiments on mammals captured more than 1,000 miles away in Yunnan – funded by a $3.7 million grant from the US government.

Sequencing of the Covid-19 genome has traced it to bats found in Yunnan’s caves, according to The Daily Mail

The project released its first research in November 2017. Titled ‘Discovery of a rich gene pool of bat SARS-related coronaviruses provides new insights into the origin of SARS coronavirus,’ the research was conducted on the bats found in a cave in Yunnan.  You can link to the research information here  You can see the NIH was part of this( at the bottom) and also the years the experiment was conducted, from 2011.   The details as to what exactly they were doing is all in the link .

WIV, which conducts experiments on bats, has more than 1,500 strains of deadly viruses stored and specializes in research of ‘the most dangerous pathogens’, in particular the viruses carried by bats.

This information if correct gives major credibility that the coronavirus came from a lab, and might have indeed escaped as many have claimed over the last several weeks.

What is most interesting is that China gave this information to The Daily Mail, almost as if it was to blackmail America for funding this experiment.  Many questions remain to be answered and this is a fascinating development. This is news you will not be seeing heavily covered on cable news even though it is coming from a reputable source, The Daily Mail. We leave it up to the reader to ponder this information.