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Trump Tested for Corona Virus

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TJV News 

President Trump got tested for Coronavirus Saturday after resisting it for several days. 

Recently the president had dinner with Brazils’ chargé d’affaires, Nestor Forster who was recently tested positive for the virus. 

A.P reported: The president said he’d gone ahead with it anyway after repeated questions from reporters at a news conference Friday and would have the results in “a day or two days, whatever it is.” Vice President Mike Pence, speaking at the same briefing, said he and his wife, Karen Pence, would also “be more than happy to be tested,” despite the doctors’ guidance, and would be contacting White House medical staff to arrange it.

On Saturday, the White House announced that it is now conducting temperature checks on anyone who is in close contact with Trump and Pence, including reporters who attended the Saturday White House briefing.


The president is considered to be of higher risk due to his age of 73. 


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