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Remember When……..

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By Lieba Nesis

-Our biggest problem as a country was bedbugs

-Prince Charles was fighting Diana not coronavirus

-The thought of spending time with actor Idris Elba (who has been diagnosed with the virus) was what dreams were made of

– A hotspot referred to a new club or restaurant not to a country replete with the virus

-A pale Governor Cuomo screaming about running out of ventilators would have been unthinkable

-The only time we heard of the WHO (World Health Organization) was in reference to a rock band

-Gathering at synagogues and shuls was comforting instead of panic-inducing

-Receiving a medical test (for the virus) wasn’t as coveted as a Birkin bag

-Every time you coughed you didn’t think you had coronavirus

-TikTok and Zoom were barely known platforms

-Hazmat suits were only seen in space movies such as “Apollo 13”

-Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leaving the royal family was breaking news

-Waiting for toilet paper would take minutes

-You didn’t dream of vacationing in a militarized bunker

-Touching an elevator button was an inconsequential act

-You weren’t hoping for an N95 mask for your birthday

-Tom Hanks was isolated on an island (Cast Away movie) not in a quarantined hospital

-Coming home for the holidays didn’t involve a 14-day self quarantine

-The only China we really were concerned with was the one adorning our tables

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