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NYC Reports First Coronavirus Related Death

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by Jared Evan 

NYC Has reported its first Coronavirus linked death, according to the NY Times. 

The victim was an 82-year-old woman who had emphysema, an underlying medical condition, something the governor said contributed to her death, was not identified. 

The NY Times reported that the victim was one of the first to test positive for the virus and has been hospitalized since March 3rd.

She died Friday night at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn.

Mayor de Blasio issued the following statement: 

“Today, we are confirming our first death due to severe complications from COVID-19. The patient, an elderly woman with advanced emphysema, was admitted to the hospital last week as one of our first cases and had been in critical condition ever since. We’ve known from the outset that these people are the most at risk in this pandemic, and today’s news is a sad confirmation of that reality. I want to thank the staff of Wyckoff Medical Center for their efforts to save this woman’s life, and all the medical professionals on the front lines protecting our most vulnerable.

“We all have a part to play here. I ask every New Yorker to do their part and take the necessary precautionary measures to protect the people most at risk.”

The mayor also took an opportunity to appear on opinion based leftist news network MSNBC to bash the president for an inadequate response to the health crisis. 

“There are some, I am certain, that could had been saved if the testing were here from the beginning,” he said on the opinion network. 

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