NY Update: Cuomo ” The Arrows are Heading in the Right Direction”- Latest Presser


Latest Update from NY Governor  Cuomo ,  today we were presented with some good and interesting news, watch the entire press conference below

  • 31,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in New York state, 12% of patients with positive tests are hospitalized, 3% ICU
  • Appx 80% of current infections are self resolved, Appx 15% require hospitalization (this number is holding steady but current rate is lower) 
  • The actual hospitalizations have moved at a higher rate than projection models, Cuomo explained
  • They project 140,000 cases coming into hospitals- with 53,000 current beds   40,000 ICU cases with currently 3000 ICU units
  • We must slow the number of cases coming into the hospitals while raising capacity- all precautions taken from social distancing to business closures have been done to “flatten the curb”
  • A new plan to close streets will be implemented – a pilot program in NYC with coordination with de blasio
  • mandatory social distancing in playgrounds and stopping all close contact sports- such as basketball (voluntary ) – if people do not volunteer to reduce social density they will close playgrounds in NYC
  •  Cuomo believes social distancing is working- last Sunday hospitalizations were doubling every 3.4 days-  on Monday the projecting estimated the number was doubling every  3.4 days – on Tuesday the number estimated is every 4.7 days this is good news 
  • That is almost too good to be true, but the theory is given the density that we are dealing with it spreads quickly but if you reduce the density, you reduce the spread very positive  sign … the arrows are heading in the right direction”
  • “slowing the hospitalization  rates is everything”
  • So far, 40,000 medical professionals have volunteered for a “surge health force” to aid in the growing pandemic, according to New York governor Andrew Cuomo.
  •  the governor noted more than 2200 doctors and 2400 nurse practitioners have signed up to volunteer amid a shortage of health professionals and supplies.
  • More than 6,000 mental health professionals who have volunteered to provide free therapy. Those in need are encouraged to call 1-844.863.9314.