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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Mayor DeBlasio & Billy Idol Announce Campaign to End Idling

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By: Justin Goldhaber

If idle hands are the Devil’s workshop, what are idling cars?

The 1980’s punk rocker Billy Idol has thrown his support behind New York City’s program to cut the number of idling vehicles in the city.

Mayor de Blasio joined Idol to announce a new anti-idling advertising and publicity campaign. The campaign is part of a larger anti-idling initiative aimed at boosting public awareness on the harmful effects of idling, expanding enforcement of anti-idling laws, and encouraging individuals to file citizen complaints.

In 2018, DEP began a “Citizens Air Complaint Program” where individuals who witness and record a truck or bus idling can file a complaint online with DEP and collect 25% of the penalty, $87.50 of a $350 fine. Launching today, the public awareness campaign encourages drivers to shut off their engines to reduce idling and increase accountability for commercial vehicles. Additional information can be found at

“Billy Idol never idles and neither should you,” said de Blasio. “It chokes our air, hurts the environment, and is bad for New York. We’re sending a loud message with a Rebel Yell: turn off your engines or pay up.”

“I love New York City and I’m delighted to lend my support to a campaign benefitting our environment. Like most New Yorkers, I‘m troubled when I see cars and trucks sitting idle while polluting our neighborhoods. New Yorkers are some of the most hardworking, passionate people in the world and I hope they will join me in turning off their engines. SHUT IT OFF NEW YORK!” said Billy Idol.

“We need an all hands on deck approach to stop idling throughout New York City,” said Deputy Mayor Laura Anglin. “That includes increasing enforcement, changing the behavior of our drivers, doubling down on our public education of the harmful effects of idling, and yes, enlisting the help of a rock star to ensure sure drivers remember to shut off their engine.”

“Shutting off your vehicle’s engine is one of the simplest things a New Yorker can do to help improve the quality of the air we all share,” said DEP Commissioner Vincent Sapienza. “We’re thrilled to have Billy Idol lead this campaign and remind drivers to shut their engines off!”

Idol will attend multiple events in New York City today to kick-off the campaign, including a stop at City Hall. The one million dollar ad campaign launches today throughout New York City, features Billy Idol and his message Billy Never Idles, Neither Should You. Shut your engine off. The effort includes 12 high-profile billboard locations, gas station TV, radio and multiple social media platforms (hashtag #billyneveridles), as well as LinkNYC and NYC TaxiTV, exposure and placement on City fleet vehicles equipped with anti-idling and emission control technology.

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