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Cuomo Scolds Young People for Ignoring Social Distancing Rules: Watch Latest Presser

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Entire Press Conference Below:

  • Cuomo called on US President Donald Trump and the federal government to increase its response to the coronavirus pandemic spreading throughout the US.
  • We are ready to go as soon as the federal government is ready to go,” he said. “If the federal government did it then they can do it in a very orderly way. They can distribute these goods by need rather than have these states competing with each other.”
  • He called for  swift action and an end to the “red tape”
  • “Time matters, minutes count and this is literally a matter of life and death,” Cuomo said.
  • The Defense Production Act, passed in the 1950s, allows the president to “prioritize and accept government contracts” with private sector companies to produce needed materials during war or national emergency. Trump has wavered back and fourth as to invoking this act, thus far he has not invoked it
  • Cuomo announced 4,812 new confirmed COVID-19 cases throughout the state, with the majority of those in New York City. The new total in New York state is up to 15,168

CBS Provided a breakdown by NY Geographic location:

New York City has 9,045 cases, with 2,832 new cases.
Nassau County has 1,900 cases, with 667 news cases.
Westchester County has 1,873 cases, with 486 new cases.
Suffolk County has 1,034 cases, with 373 new cases.

  • Cuomo displayed a picture of a large gathering of people in Central Park in New York City that he witnessed, and said something needs to change and change immediately because it’s dangerous. He is demanding New York City come up with a plan by Monday to address the problem.

Quote: “This is arrogant, self destructive, disrespectful to other people and it has to stop, and it has to stop now. This is not a joke, and I am not joking.

“Too many young people are not taking things serious & this why this is going to get much worse,” Governor Cuomo said. “I say to the young people of America, you are not immune to this. It’s a very nasty sickness.”

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