Love Fest: J Street, Abbas & Olmert

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, left, speaks while former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert listens during a news conference in New York, Tuesday, February 11, 2020. Photo Credit: Seth Wenig/AP
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When will American Jews wake up to the goals of the vile, anti-Israel, Leftist group J-Street? When will they finally stand up for their Jewish heritage and stop their support and donations to this dangerous group? The latest outrage, committed by its founder and “President For Life,” Jeremy Ben-Ami, was his recent physical embrace of and mush-mouthed double kiss on the cheek of Palestinian (PLO) leader and Jew-killing terrorist, Mahmoud Abbas, last week. Why would any individual, Jewish or not, knowing the background of Abbas, give credibility to this monster?

And let’s not forget that J Street also sponsored former convict Ehud Olmert’s trip to New York so that he could tell the world what a “Man of Peace” Abbas is and how the Trump peace plan will be the ruination of the Middle East. If Olmert was vying for the position of “Jewish/Israeli Traitor of the Year” so he could burnish his ignoble rap sheet, then he is doing a darn good job of it.

For those who may be too young to remember, Olmert served as Israeli Prime Minister from 2006-2009. After serving as PM he was sentenced to serve a prison term on convictions for accepting bribes and for obstruction of justice during his terms as mayor of Jerusalem and as trade minister.

Beginning in the mid-1980s, Olmert was subjected to a string of corruption allegations that resulted in multiple police investigations. According to Israeli journalist Yossi Melman, the repeated investigations led some to believe that Olmert was corrupt but a master at covering his tracks.

In October 2007, Attorney General Mazuz ordered a police investigation into allegations that Olmert, when he held the positions of trade minister, communications minister and finance minister, had improperly appointed associates from the Likud party to posts on government bodies. Police completed their investigation in 2009, and concluded that there was a basis to indict Olmert and others for fraud and breach of trust.

But now back to Abbas. Abbas was a planner and financier of the 1972 Munich Olympic massacre of Israeli athletes. He was, for years, the second in command to Arafat. As PLO leader, he’s called for, “Jewish blood to run through the streets of Jerusalem.” He manipulates and encourages the seemingly never ending killing of Israel’s Jews and is a team-mate of Hamas in Gaza. So why does a faux, “pro-Israel” group still worship at the feet of Jew killers? What is this group’s history that makes it so problematical for American Jews to support?

J Street was formed in 2008 with major funding from avowed Israel hater, George Soros. They denied, for years, his involvement until pressured by facts to do so. Their formation was to counter balance AIPAC, which was considered by many on the Left to be, “Too pro-Israel.” Their other contributing groups were, The National Iranian American Council, the Arab American Institute, The Saudi Arabian Embassy, the Arab American Institute and Human Rights Watch. All of whom, have a goal to see Israel wiped off them map. …similar to the one hanging on the wall of Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s office in D.C.

Through its years in existence, J Street has:

Endorsed for election only those candidates who would support anti-Israel legislation in Congress.

Accused Israel of having a full fledged apartheid system.

Praised Osama Bin laden, when he was alive, as a “Freedom Fighter.”

Compared Israelis to Nazis.

Stated that Hamas has been the government, law, order and service provider since 2006 in Gaza. Supported the infamous “Goldstone Report” that claimed Israel disproportionately retaliated against Hamas attacks.

Most recently, J Street stood with Mahmoud Abbas in putting down the latest Middle East Peace plan offered by President Trump and accepted by Israel. J Street’s co-founder, Daniel Levy remarked, “Israel’s creation was an act that went wrong.” In general, this organization promotes itself as being “pro Israel.” In reality it is one that has rarely, if ever, defended the Jewish state’s efforts to militarily and economically defend itself from its enemies. We consider J Street to be one of them.

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