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DeBlasio Donor Jona Rechnitz Used Kardashian Ties to Further His Schemes

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By: Jared Evan

Jona Rechnitz, a huge de Blasio donor first made headlines when it was learned that he donated large sums of money to the de Blasio campaign to gain influence and access to important officials, is making headlines again with a diamond business scheme and he name tossed the Kardashians to further his nefarious plans, according to the NY Post.

The Times reported in December:” Mr. Rechnitz became an instant pariah in City Hall after pleading guilty in 2016 to corruption-related charges. He admitted that those contributions — as well as direct bribes given to police officials — were a means to gain influence.

His admissions formed the core of a cooperation agreement in which he became a key government witness in three federal corruption trials, leading to the convictions and guilty pleas of half a dozen people, including a powerful correction officers’ union boss, a hedge fund mogul, a police official and a Brooklyn businessman.”

The Times continued: “Mr. Rechnitz became, according to federal prosecutors in Manhattan, “one of the single most important and prolific white-collar cooperating witnesses in the recent history of the Southern District of New York.”

The Post is now reporting on Rechnitz’s latest scheme, his Diamond business called Jadelle and Jewelry Diamonds.

Rechnitz tricked investor Victor Franco Noval into loaning him millions of dollars by touting his “political and powerful celebrity connections,’’ court papers say.

He tried to sell his business as credible because one of his biggest clients were the celebrity Kardashian family.

The NY Post reported: “ While the Kardashians have no role in the estimated $15 million scheme, Rechnitz and his wife, Rachel, have posted photos on social media of clients Kylie Jenner and Kim, as well as de Blasio, “to create a false sense of credibility’’ for themselves”.

Noval says in his suit that he loaned Rechnitz $2.8 million for his business in January 2019.

The Post discovered that under the deal between the two men, Rechnitz was to pay Noval an interest rate of 9 percent a month on the loan, the suit says. He allegedly gave Noval $7 million in diamonds, plus an ultra-luxury ride Bugatti, in return as collateral. When the de Blasio pal missed the deadline for repayment Noval sold off the Bugatti for $400,000 and called him out on the rest of the outstanding cash, the suit says.

Rechnitz begged for the Bugatti diamond back and promised to write 2 checks valued at $3.8 million in exchange for he diamonds. The checks bounced and now he is being sued.

Rechnitz story and dealings are reminiscent of a like the character played by The Jewish Voice’s favorite Jewish actor Adam Sandler, in the new film “Uncut Gems”, a wheeling, dealing, Jewish diamond dealer.

The progressive stalwart de Blasio distanced himself from Rechnitz long ago and called him a crook and criminal.

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