FBI Probes Academic Fraud in NYC Schools; Carranza Under Fire for Failures

Last year New York City schools Chancellor Richard Carranza was under fire after MS 158 in Bayside became a flashpoint after the brutal videotaped cafeteria beating of a student and a classroom sexual assault in December. Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Jared Evan

Late last year a Queens Council member asked the Department of Justice to investigate “deep-rooted fraud” in NYC schools, and the FBI has begun looking into this issue.

“Due to the apparent pattern of conspiracy to cover up such deep-rooted fraud within the DOE that has likely been going on for many years now, I have been advised that this could constitute a federal RICO investigation,” Council member Robert Holden’s wrote in an Oct. 25 letter to US Attorneys Geoffrey Berman in Manhattan and Richard Donoghue in Brooklyn, the N.Y Post reported.

The scandal seems to go back to de Blasio appointee and “social justice warrior” Chancellor Richard Carranza. It was discovered that schools were passing almost every student in math and English, even though they are showing low proficiency.

Carranza made news over the last several years for his race based educational agenda, which did away with many gifted programs for students, because of the gifted programs racial makeup. This topic has been written and covered extensively over several years, outraging parents all over New York City.

Last year Carranza was under fire after MS 158 in Bayside became a flashpoint after the brutal videotaped cafeteria beating of a student and a classroom sexual assault in December.

Carranza has had very bizarre policies against student discipline and suspending students, again his reasoning is race based. Parents of MS 158 students were outraged the school did nothing after the violence and sexual assaults.

In other words, Carranza’s policies have created chaos in public schools, with educators afraid to discipline students who are black or Hispanic, because of Carranza’s disastrous policies.

“To me, that suggests that standards have been lowered in the classrooms, and individual school administrations may even be passing students that haven’t performed well or learned much of anything,” wrote Holden, a former CUNY professor in his letter to US attorneys

“The Chancellor has completely ignored my concerns thus far,” he wrote.

The N.Y Post reported: “Holden sent a letter in November to Donoghue in Brooklyn and US Attorney Geoffrey Berman in Manhattan, saying “an apparent pattern of conspiracy to cover up” grade-fixing, cheating and other wrongdoing might warrant an investigation under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), which covers criminal enterprises.”

According to Holden: teachers say administrators encouraged cheating on exams, enforced a “no-fail policy,” and retaliated against staffers who didn’t go along with it.

Last year it was reported that The Special Commissioner of Investigation (SCI) for city schools were sitting on nine cases of waste, fraud and corruption involving the upper echelons of City Hall and the Department of Education.

Investigations against Carranza and de Blasio’s wife were completely ignored.

A whistleblower letter stated: “ “While SCI is doing more work, the quality of the cases being pursued is zero-to-none, and cases that are systematic in nature or that do show major fraud can’t be worked on because of a lack of resources or time,” the letter says.

It also complains that SCI lawyers “have taken up to 300 days or more” to review and close cases — leaving DOE employees in limbo even if accusations are unsubstantiated.

“Almost 8 years of New York City under de Blasio, we have witnessed more corruption, failure and wasted money than NYC has ever seen, yet the local media barely covers it. The NYC Democrats operate like the mafia”, Anthony Logan, a political analyst casually told TJV.