Letters to the Editor


Pelosi & Schumer Should Worry About the Federal Debt

Dear Editor:

How nice that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer and their Democratic colleagues have been working days, nights and weekends for over two years on developing a case to impeach President Trump. A majority of Americans would prefer they expend the same amount of energy in dealing with more pressing problems. Democrats forget that they doubled our national debt from $10 trillion to $20 trillion over eight years under President Obama. Republicans under President Trump added $2 trillion more over the past two years.

Will we ever learn from past mistakes and attempt to reduce both borrowing and long-term debt, instead of allowing them to grow yearly? The new $22 trillion federal debt is going to grow $1 trillion annually for years to come. Under the new budget deal for federal fiscal years 2021 and 2022, it will grow by $2 trillion. This inheritance could bankrupt future generations.

Return to pay-as-you-go budgeting, means testing for all government assistance programs, real balanced budgets without smoke and mirrors.

Everything needs to be on the table, including the infamous “third rails” of American politics — Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security along with military spending, foreign aid to nations who never help us fight terrorists, agricultural subsidies and corporate welfare bailouts. How ironic that after winning the Cold War against the evil empire of communism, it may be mismanagement of our economy that defeats us in the end.

In twelve months, there will be an election that will afford voters the opportunity to decide the future of President Trump. In the meantime, how about dealing with kitchen table bread and butter issues which are far more significant.


Larry Penner


Honors Classes & Diversity

Dear Editor:

A letter written by a local elementary school teacher, I’ll call “Mrs. Krieg,” was brought to my attention by a mutual acquaintance. In light of the notice that honor classes will be discontinued, she thoughtfully agreed that equity (defined as fairness and impartiality) in the schools should benefit all students. Regrettably, she has been influenced by terminology that has been devalued and redefined to become a tool for social engineering among students. Such revisionism has been applied to Equity, Diversity and Social Justice, and comes at the expense of freedom and true justice.

Honors classes were designed to challenge students academically. The advanced work, faster pace, and higher course-credit weight have provided for smarter, happier, well-rounded children who had the opportunity to flourish according to their capabilities and not misbehave out of boredom. But now, the authorities have determined it best to cancel the honor courses across the country because of a “lack of diversity” – that is, more Caucasian and Asian students were engaged than Blacks, Latinos and Native Americans. Instead of also providing honors classes that meet the interests of the low-energy students – perhaps music, theater, artisanal handicrafts – the Department of Education has decided to close the achievement gap by lowering the bar and expectations and discontinuing all incentives. Mrs. Krieg did not foresee that by eliminating the incentives and opportunities, the resulting “equity” would be mediocrity and the loss of exceptional achievement.

Now the Department of Education will generate equity in boredom, discontent, resentment, truancy and delinquency. Academia is not unaware of these inevitabilities. Their purpose is not an improved education but the decline of achievement and the elimination of the exceptional. Former President Obama expressed a similar derogatory outlook when he denounced high-achieving Americans with, “You didn’t build that.”

Diversity in the schools no longer describes a richness of ideas, course studies, or specialty careers, but defines and categorizes the students themselves, by race, religion, ethnicity, financial status, sexual orientation, and however else the students choose to differentiate themselves. As with the term “equity,” the meaning of “diversity” has been corrupted, as it now implies division, divisiveness, and discord, the opposite of E Pluribus Unum – Out of many, One. These differences have led to a totalitarian-style monitoring and bullying – called Speech Control, necessitating “Diversity Officers” with doctoral degrees, credentials in counseling and inclusion techniques, and six-figure salaries reflected in higher tuition costs. The officers’ mere presence confirms the growing disharmony, isolation, discrimination, harassment, and violence that characterize the socialist strategy.


Tabitha Korol

Wants Swedish Conference on Anti-Semitism Cancelled

Dear Editor:

Upon learning that the Swedish government permitted a recent neo-Nazi rally in Raoul Wallenberg Square, near the city’s Great Synagogue, The Simon Wiesenthal Center (“SWC”), a leading Jewish Human Rights NGO dedicated to sharing the lessons of the Nazi Holocaust, is calling on Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven to cancel his country’s plans to host an international conference against anti-Semitism next year in Malmo, Sweden.

“The signals that Sweden’s politicians and police are consistently sending to the country’s tiny Jewish community is that inaction, apathy, and worse will continue unabated”, charged Rabbi Abraham Cooper, SWC Associate Dean and Director of Global Social Action Agenda.

“When neo-Nazis forced the closure of a Jewish community center in Umea, authorities did nothing,” Cooper added. “For nearly a decade, the City of Malmo failed to prosecute a single case of anti-Semitism despite hundreds of incidents targeting the local Rabbi. Sweden’s respected Karolinska Hospital has failed to protect Jewish doctors from discrimination. Now, Nazis are permitted to gather and protest near Stockholm’s historic synagogue in a square named in honor of Raoul Wallenberg, the hero who saved tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews during the Nazi Holocaust.

“Synagogues continue to face violent attacks and threats in Europe and U.S., yet Swedish authorities continue to permit Nazis to gather in sight of the main Jewish house of prayer in the capital of its country. So the world knows that Sweden protects the rights of its neo-Nazis to gather, march, and threaten. Until it shows that it respects and protects its Jewish citizens and institutions – under grave threat from neo-Nazis and Islamist extremists — Sweden has no right to score cheap PR points by convening a conference ‘bemoaning’ anti-Semitism.”


The Simon Wiesenthal Center


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