J Street Responds to JV Editorial & Blurs Lines


Jeremy Ben-Ami, is described in the bio that accompanies his latest article on The Times of Israel website as “the executive director of J Street.” The J Street website describes him as the “president.” Just as it is unclear what exactly Ben-Ami’s true title is there are many other things about this Jewish organization created to advocate for the creation of a Palestinian Arab state in Judea-Samaria (which it calls the West Bank) that seem to be just as deliberately blurred.

In his Nov. 10 column Ben-Ami responds to The Jewish Voice’s Nov. 8 editorial (“The J Street Danger to Israel”). Ben-Ami argues “Those attacking J Street and presidential candidates for even examining the concept of restricting the use of US aid are in many cases people who have loudly called for restrictions on aid to the Palestinian Authority or the United Nations.” Elsewhere in the article he claims that J Street “supports the provision of security assistance.” Which is it? J Street can’t have it both ways.

The views of J Street’s critics on issues related to the PA or the UN have nothing to do with J Street’s new pledge to lobby to reduce U.S. aid to Israel unless the Israelis agree to Palestinian Authority demands.

The Jewish Voice is proud to be the only Jewish newspaper we see that challenged J Street on this with an editorial and we will continue to speak out against J Street when they side with Israel’s enemies.


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