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End of the Trump/Netanyahu Era?

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Since the conclusion of the right years of the disastrous Obama/Biden administration we must admit that we join many Jewish supporters of Israel as we witness firsthand the glorious rebirth of the U.S/Israel relationship. American Jews , however, for the most part have done far too little to celebrate the remarkable diplomatic successes for Israel that have been achieved in such a compact time-frame. The Trump/Netanyahu Era has seen (most recently) the neutralization of the well-peddled mendacious claims that were incessantly disseminated that the Israeli settlements were deemed illegal according to international law as well as the full U.S. recognition of Israel’s sovereign rights to Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, and a much needed realignment of the approach to the Palestinian Authority and its sources of funding.

All this has been accomplished while as individuals both President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu have faced what certainly should be seen for what it is: an unprecedented opposition from a toxic amalgam of corporate media, non-governmental organizations, elected political opposition, and a non-elected judiciary that seems united in its efforts to stymie every well thought out and proper decision made on both domestic policy or foreign policy.

This is not to say that each leader does not have his flaws. But committed Jews must feel apprehension at what comes next. And there is no doubt that we must ready ourselves for whatever eventuality unfolds.

Israel’s enemies will look to quickly reverse all of these gains should this leadership era end. It is an open question if the U.S. pro-Israel community has the right leaders in place to defend these diplomatic accomplishments as right and necessary. Now is the time for Israel’s friends in America to speak up and against the use of impeachments and indictments to overturn elections. The same goes for Israel.

We also offer our full-throated support for Rabbi Dov Fischer’s assertion in his recently published Israel National News column that “(Netanyahu) did not violate law. He did not engage in bribery. And he surely did not perpetrate an offense that would put him in a category with the likes of Ehud Olmert and others of that ilk.”

The editorial staff at the Jewish Voice happens to believe that Netanyahu’s stellar leadership and his rock solid, fervent commitment to Israel’s safety is a lot more important than a few free gifts that were tossed in the prime minister’s direction or the amount of take out food that his wife ordered. All these lame excuses of wrongdoing and petty illegalities are part and parcel of the left-wing campaign to drive Netanyahu from office so that they can rejoice as they overturn everything the Trump administration.

Our fervent hope is to see justice done and see an end to the efforts to see both President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu prevented from continuing their chain of accomplishments to make Israel more secure.

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