Bloomberg to Spend $100M in Anti-Trump Ads as Former NYC Mayor Enters 2020 Race for the WH

A new poll gives an indication of just how well Michael Bloomberg might do in a presidential race against Donald Trump. Photo Credit: Al Drago/Getty Images

How much does Michael Bloomberg want to be President of the United States?

Oh, about $100 million worth. And counting.

By: Leonid Karikov

Reports are saying that former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who thus far says he is unsure whether or not he wants to join the Democratic field — yes, he used to be a Republican — is spending that much money to attack President Trump. (Despite his “uncertainty,” his people have already submitted the forms necessary to appear on presidential primary ballots in at least two states.

The ads are targeting the battleground states of Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. One features a photo of the presidential tweet and the words, “A TWEET SHOULDN’T THREATEN OUR COUNTRY’S SECURITY.”

“We’re very clear: A case that we make for Mike is that he is the best candidate to take on Trump, and one of the reasons he is the best candidate is he can take the fight to him immediately and robustly,” said Howard Wolfson, a Bloomberg political adviser, in a statement first provided to the New York Times.

“The ads come as Bloomberg has taken concrete steps toward running for the White House,” reported Fox News. “He filed to place his name on the ballot in Arkansas on Tuesday, hours ahead of that state’s presidential primary filing deadline. A week ago, Bloomberg’s name was placed on the primary ballot in Alabama an hour ahead of that state’s filing deadline.”

A Bloomberg aide told Fox News that “Mike isn’t waiting to take on the president, he’s starting now. This is all hands on deck.”

The money will certainly end up being wasted, as no one gives Bloomberg much of a shot of becoming president. National Review magazine reminded its readers why with this: “Bloomberg is the former pot-smoker who cracked down on marijuana users as mayor, the notoriously unhealthy eater who tried to ban large sodas, and the guy who travels with armed guards who is vehemently opposed to private gun ownership. His proposal to prevent African-American victims of gun violence was declaring police should seize guns from male minorities between ages 15 and 25, telling an audience that police should “throw them up against the wall and frisk them . . . We put all the cops in the minority neighborhoods. Yes, that’s true. Why do you do it? Because that’s where all the crime is.” He is here to turn your rights into privileges, America. If Michael Bloomberg didn’t exist, conservatives and libertarians would have to invent him as their ultimate villain.”


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