Poll: Most New Yorkers Want Impeachment Probe to Proceed

A new poll shows – allegedly – that a majority of liberal New York State’s voters want a presidential impeachment investigation. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

By: Edward Yaklewki

A new poll shows – allegedly – that a majority of liberal New York State’s voters want a presidential impeachment investigation.

A poll conducted by Siena College revealed that 62 percent of voters support what many in Washington, DC, and across the nation have called a bogus, politically-motivated probe. Only 23 percent opposed the idea.

The poll also found that 55 percent of registered voters surveyed would back Democrats’ efforts to impeach President Trump and remove him from office.

“However, voters are divided along party lines — as 79 percent of Democrats support impeachment and removal, compared to 13 percent opposed,” the New York Post reported. “On the other hand, 81 percent of Republicans are against impeachment and removal efforts, and the move is backed by a slim 14 percent. Independent voters are divided nearly evenly, slightly favoring impeachment and removal proceedings at 49 to 47 percent.”

New York City voters “agree the impeachment inquiry is necessary and support Trump’s removal by a 65 to 28 percent majority. Upstaters and suburban denizens reflect more of a middle ground — 47 percent of suburbanites support impeachment and removal compared to 48 percent opposed, and upstaters are split at 49 to 43 percent,” the Post continued.

There is reason to question the poll’s reliability: it also found a positive trend among New York state voters for Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“The poll released Tuesday finds that while his job performance rating remains in the red, it has gradually improved in recent months. It’s currently at 41-57 percent, up from 38-59 percent in September and 34-64 percent in August,” reported cbs6albany.com. “Cuomo’s 49-47 favorability rating is almost unchanged from the 48-46 mark he had in September.

“Cuomo’s favorability rating remained in positive territory, barely,” said Siena College pollster Steve Greenberg. “His job performance rating, while still very much under water, has improved by a net 14 points in the last two months.”

Journalist and political commentator Brit Hume told Tucker Carlson on Fox News that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is being politically smart by holding off on a formal Trump impeachment vote on the chamber floor.

“However, the investigation she is engineering is “peculiar” and unlike past proceedings against ex-presidents like Richard Nixon, Hume claimed Tuesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“I frankly can’t think of a good reason, from her point of view, why she would hold a vote,” he said. A full vote, the Fox News senior political analyst said, would expose vulnerable Democratic lawmakers — especially those in districts won by President Trump in 2016 — to a vote that could hurt them politically.”


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