East Village “Sex Parties” Continue Despite Court Order; Orthodox Jews Shocked at Sleazy Host

Thirty-three year old Avraham Adler, neighbors and even his landlord have told the New York Post, that he has continued to throw wild and woolly orgies in his East Village apartment despite a court order against him doing so Photo Credit: StreetEasy

By: Curtis Rodriguez

A “discrepancy with the venue” has New Yorkers talking once again about 33 year old Avraham Adler.

And it’s a juicy story.

“Avraham Adler, the ultra-Orthodox Jew turned randy East Villager, has traded in his paddles for palettes,” gushed the New York Post as part of its ongoing coverage of the lurid tale. “Sleazy shenanigans scheduled for Saturday at the $4 million four-story townhouse Adler rents were scrapped last-minute due to a “discrepancy with the venue,” according to a message sent by the anonymous organizer to peeved partygoers who had purchased $65 tickets.”

The alleged sex parties became the topic of widespread discussion recently thanks to complaints from Adler’s landlord in the form of a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

“But despite an Oct. 4 court ruling barring further events at the townhome, Adler went ahead and allowed the space to be used for an art show on Wednesday and Thursday which drew 200 people,” according to the Post.

“He’s in contempt of court,” property owner Wanwoo Chang seethed to The Post Friday. “The judge’s ruling was not only no parties, but no subletting. The judge has no idea the parties went on. He will soon.”

The event itself reportedly had a name — “Debauche.” It was heralded, according to the Post, as an “event for the sexually liberated,” complete with “orgasm rooms on the second and fourth floors and a “kink box” on the third floor where patrons would “have the privilege of enjoying” a violent wand, paddles and floggers, and knife play, via “The Gladiator, Kendo & Daito swords.”

Adler, a native of Clifton, NJ, “signed a two-year residential lease on April 1 for an apartment in the 100 block of East 7th Street in Manhattan, according to court documents,” nj.com reported. “But instead of living there quietly, Adler “held or allowed subtenants of his to (host) loud, raucous parties for which tickets were sold,” according to the lawsuit, filed by an attorney for landlord Wonwoo Chang.”

A lawyer for Adler’s landlord “wrote in the lawsuit that the New York State Liquor Authority advised them that no liquor permits had been purchased for that address,” nj.com added. “Additionally, “Adler’s commercial parties blasted music so loud that a next-door neighbor was kept awake all night on several occasions,” the suit states.

“Summonses have been issued due to garbage being left outside the premises during the days following the parties,” the suit states. “The police have been called on numerous occasions because of the parties.”


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