Democratic Socialist Candidate to Target SI’s Max Rose in Upcoming Congressional Race

Richard-Olivier Marius, who was once a campaign volunteer for Rose is now pushing for the impeachment of Trump and decided to run against Max Rose. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

By: Jared Evan

Max Rose, one of the only Democrats initially against impeaching Trump has changed his mind and now supports impeachment, was his radial Democrat socialist challenger the reason why?

Richard-Olivier Marius, who was once a campaign volunteer for Rose is now pushing for the impeachment of Trump and decided to run against Max Rose.

Marius, who filed with the FEC earlier this summer, he was upset Rose had not supported impeachment and progressive legislation he thinks could help struggling Island families — like the Green New Deal, Medicare for All and a program that would guarantee federal jobs, S.I Live reported.

“I campaigned for Max Rose and I voted for Max Rose, and I’m very disappointed actually because he is not supporting key legislation that I believe is important for struggling families across the district,” Marius said.

“I’m not into who’s Republican or who’s Democrat, or who’s white or black, if you’re struggling, you’re struggling, and most of the people on Staten Island, whether they’re ethnic, white or from the immigrant community, they’re struggling to pay their rent … because they have so many financial obligations with regards to medical bills, congestion pricing, and other taxes. That’s a burden to working-class people.”

Rose, one of only two Democrats the Staten Island district has sent to Congress since 1981, was one of the party’s few impeachment holdouts until he joined the Democratic chorus Wednesday.

Rose claims his Socialist opponents campaign has nothing to do with the change of heart.

“His campaign has nothing whatsoever to do with this,” Rose told reporters after announcing he would support the impeachment inquiry.

Ironically Marius revealed to The Post he is on the brink of suspending his campaign — due, he said, to a conflict with his day job at the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce.

He is pleased his candidacy has apparently spurred Rose to action on impeachment, the Post reported.

Only days before Rose changed his tune, apparently buckling to the radicals in the Democrat party and his AOC carbon copy opponent, he said in a press release: “I’ve now sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution twice and I take my Congressional oath just as seriously as when I deployed to Afghanistan. That’s why I will not operate on any false timeline when our national security is at stake. My constituents—and our country—deserve Members of Congress who will review the facts and ensure the American people are fully informed. Those who would celebrate this moment or dismiss these serious allegations simply because it’s a Republican President should recognize that mindset is why the American people are disgusted with our politics.

“The transcript, whistleblower report, and the Acting Director of National Intelligence’s testimony is deeply alarming,” he continued. “This story is far from over and we must proceed in a deliberate and responsible manner that brings all the facts to the forefront and earns the trust of the American people. That’s the only way to uphold the Constitution without tearing this country apart. Under no circumstances will I allow politics to influence my decision regarding this matter.”


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