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The Sanders-Sarsour Alliance is Beyond Toxic!

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Just to emphasize our point of view, we’ll begin by stating our staunch disapproval of Bernie Sanders to even be considered as the Democrat nominee for president. He would be a disaster for the citizens of this country, for Israel and for the prosperity of the world community. He is a staunch Marxist Socialist bordering on being a Communist, aligns himself with the enemies of Israel and would remove the physical power and economic influence of the United States that now keeps the world safe from turmoil and conflict. He’s bad news.

First off, his declarations for free schooling for all, including illegal immigrants, his free medical programs for all, including illegal immigrants and his “citizenship for all” attitude would not only bankrupt this nation, it would destroy the basic institutions such as banking, production and health care and would make the 1929 Depression look like an enviable alternative. His overt dislike for our military that has kept us free from all of our enemies since the onset of our nation, nearly 250 years ago would cause the likes of China, Russia and the leaders of the Islamic terrorists’ mouths to water. His honeymoon, spent in Russia, his visits to Cuba, Venezuela and his fascination with the Communist way of life and rule should sound warning bells in the heads of all Americans.

Bernie also stands firmly aligned with the likes of Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, both of whom had accused Jews of dual loyalty, corrupting politics with money and hypnotizing their neighbors. His support for them was remarkable. In January of this year, he stated, “We will stand by our Muslim brothers and sisters. It’s not antisemitic to criticize Israel for electing a right-winger like Netanyahu.” He was not only dishonest, he was stirring Jew hating among Jew haters. It’s strange that Bernie demands we weigh in and support Palestinian claims on Jewish territory, yet sees fit to ignore the real plight of Jews in Israel and right here at home. Israeli Jews have been under constant daily attacks, they’ve under siege, militarily and ideologically for generations. Jewish university students here in the U.S. have been targeted physically and grade-wise by their Muslim, Progressive peers and professors, intimidating them to remain silent about their support for Israel. Yet Sanders turns a blind eye to them. He is, to us, a dangerous Jew hater.

We have to look no further than the support that J Street, a virulent anti-Israel group, has given Sanders over the years. He has embraced the support of outspoken Israel/Jew hater, Linda Sarsour as a campaign adviser and spokesperson. Sanders has his share of instigating, supporting and unleashing anti-Jewish sentiment in this nation and worldwide. Therefore, we must recommend to our readers to render the candidacy of Bernie Sanders as “traif” for all people, Jews and gentiles alike. He is too obnoxious, repugnant, offensive and dangerous to even consider as a candidate for street sweeper. He belongs back at one of his three homes, not in the White House.

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