Kudos to Letitia James for Championing Free Thought

Letitia James’ staunch efforts to come to the defense of ordinary citizens with reference to the uncontrolled social media giants (Facebook and others) and the invisible irritants to all of us truly deserves our applause and support. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Rarely do we see eye-to-eye with Letitia James, the Attorney General (AG) of New York State, but her staunch efforts to come to the defense of ordinary citizens with reference to the uncontrolled social media giants and the invisible irritants to all of us, the epidemic of robocalls and “spoofing,” truly deserves our applause and support. Currently, Ms James has taken up the gauntlet and in a most intrepid fashion is actually launching a searing investigation into possible antitrust violations by the enigmatic powers that be at Facebook. As our readers are well aware, the Jewish Voice has not shied away from this burning issue of freedom of thought and as such we have previously outed Facebook and Google for their censorship of their members and their political biases. You can rest assured that we will steadfastly continue on this righteous trajectory and will support all efforts to bring Facebook and their contemporaries back to earth. We are simply asking Facebook and others of that genre to scrupulously conform to the standards of free speech that we all are legally and morally obliged to adhere to.

We can only imagine that Ms James is exceptionally busy investigating and prosecuting a multitude of criminal cases, and this is why we pause to single her out for the accolades that she deserves. Ms. James is not compelled in any way to take on Facebook but she is doing so in addition to her rigorous workload because she keenly comprehends the fact that if freedom of speech, thought and debate are intentionally squelched on various social media platforms, then how soon can we expect our guaranteed first amendment rights to be vanquished in the electronic and print media, our jobs, our schools, and even our homes.

Ms. James understands the intense gravity of this issue and as a heralded whistleblower attorney, she plans to see this Facebook investigation through to its conclusion. For those whose free speech rights have been severely curtailed on Facebook, for those who have been continuously silenced by the Facebook jailers who clearly work on an arbitrary decision basis and for those who have suddenly and without any warning lost all of their followers and “likes”, we urge you not to fret. Help is on the way and the specific name of that help is Ms. Letitia James.

Case in point–Two weeks ago, the Jewish Voice reported that Facebook has now banned ads from The Epoch Times, the conservative multi-language news outlet, as the social network attempts to apply a consistent political advertising policy.

The Jewish Voice also reported that the Federal Trade Commission has finally taken steps to begin to protect Facebook’s users by hitting it with a record breaking $5 billion fine as part of a settlement for violating consumers’ privacy rights. But, as huge as this penalty is, we believe it will, at best, merely slow down the enormous control this behemoth has over the minds, ideas and actions of its ever-growing number of users.

For these reasons and many more, we wholeheartedly support the efforts of Attorney General Letitia James.



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