Is Estranged Wife of Greek Real Estate Developer Fotis Dulos Still Alive?


Jennifer Dulos has been missing for more than three months, but her estranged husband, Greek real estate developer Fotis Dulos, said in a television interview that he is confident she is still alive.

By Clark Savage, Jr.

He was later arrested.

On NBC’s “Dateline” show, host Dennis Murphy asked Dulos, “Do you believe Jennifer is alive?”

“I do,” said Fotis. “I’d like to not discuss this … per my attorney’s advice.” When asked if he’d had any part in his wife’s disappearance, he responded, “I did not. But I’d like to leave it at that.” Dulos added, “I think she was an excellent mother. And I hope that she continues to be an excellent mother.”

“Both Fotis and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis were arrested in June and charged with tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution in connection with Jennifer’s disappearance,” the New York Post reported. “The pair were rearrested this week on an additional charge of evidence tampering related to a Toyota pickup truck investigators say transported Jennifer’s body and tested positive for her DNA. Jennifer and Fotis were locked in a nasty divorce battle when she vanished.”

The mystery has its intriguing aspects. According to the New York Times, “Long before Jennifer Dulos went missing from her home in an affluent Connecticut suburb, her estranged husband’s girlfriend, Michelle C. Troconis, had moved into the Dulos home and had become ensnared in the couple’s turbulent divorce battle. When Ms. Dulos disappeared more than three months ago, her husband, Fotis Dulos, 52, became a target of the criminal investigation, but so did Ms. Troconis — with prosecutors charging her with hindering the investigation and tampering with evidence.”

The case took a turn, however, as the Times reported. “On Thursday, Ms. Troconis, 44, turned herself in on a new charge of evidence tampering in connection with the case, officials said, just one day after the police arrested her boyfriend, Mr. Dulos, and released a warrant filled with dramatic details implicating him in his wife’s disappearance.”

The revelations, it appears, continue. According to, “blood-like substance” that contained Jennifer Dulos’ DNA “was found in the vehicle her estranged husband had access to the day she disappeared, according to a new warrant released Wednesday, Sept. 4 by Connecticut State Police. Fotis Dulos’ girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, told police he had the truck cleaned days later, “because the body of Jennifer, at some point, was in there,” according to the warrant, which detailed the vehicle’s movements on the day Jennifer Dulos disappeared and subsequent days.”


  1. Let his girlfriend tell where he put he body
    Just disgraceful
    He doesn’t love his children like he said because if he did he wouldn’t have killed their mother


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