Bill Allowing Cameras at Polling Booths Fails to Advance in Knesset

A bill allowing observers at the upcoming elections to use cameras in polling stations failed to advance to voting stages in the Knesset. Photo by Hillel Maeir/TPS on 4 June, 2018

By: Arye Green

A bill allowing observers at the upcoming elections to use cameras in polling stations failed to advance to voting stages in the Knesset.

The legislation was unanimously approved on Sunday during the Cabinet meeting led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Likud planned to pass the bill in a special quick process with three consecutive votes.

However, the bill on Monday failed to advance in a Knesset Committee that determines the order of voting at the Knesset’s plenum. The committee was tied at 12 votes for and 12 against advancing the bill, meaning that it could not be brought to a full vote at the plenum.

Two weeks ago, the Central Elections Committee said it would not allow representatives of political parties to install cameras at voting booths, as it is not permitted under the current legislation. In response, the Likud party has made an attempt to pass the necessary legislation but has ultimately failed to do so.

Also on Sunday, Gaza-based terrorists fired a rocket towards Israel during the night. The launch failed and the rocket exploded inside the Strip.

The IDF stated that it detected a failed launch from the Gaza Strip, which did not cross into Israel. As a result of the launch, a warning was issued through an app, as required, but not on the public alarm system.

A few hours before the failed attack, IDF troops arrested two suspects who crossed the border fence in the southern Gaza Strip into Israeli territory. They were found to be carrying a knife, wire cutters and flammable materials.

The attempted rocket launch comes after a violent weekend in the Strip during which terrorists carried out several attacks and launched rockets at Israel, prompting the Israeli Air Force to strike Hamas terror targets.

On another non-related development, it has been reported that IDF soldier Daniel Merder, who was seriously injured on Tuesday by comrades who mistakenly through a rock at him, is in stable condition and has shown a slight improvement.

The Nahariya hospital stated that he underwent a life-saving two-hour operation, has since shown improvement and is communicating with his family.

Merder, a combat soldier in the field artillery, was injured at a base in the north when he was hit in the head by a rock thrown by his comrades who were playing a game.

The Military Police have launched an investigation into the incident.

Merder was evacuated only hours after his injury, and his parents are blaming his commanders of misconduct.



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