You’ll Love Shopping in These 13 Israeli Secondhand Stores

Take 2 Secondhand & Vintage Shop. Photo by Hila Charter

Teacups to summer dresses, designer boots and furniture, you never know what goodies you’ll find in Israel’s charming secondhand shops

By: Jessica Halfin

Shnia Echat on Moshav Ofer carries only clothing that is at least 30 years old. Photo: courtesy

If the sweet musty fragrance of others’ closets brings you an unexplained comfort, and the thought of finding a hidden treasure makes your heart race with glee, then you’ll be ecstatic to learn that Israel is one place where vintage shopping and secondhand clothing boutiques are on the uptick.

Especially prevalent in the country’s center, but also in remote moshavim (small pastoral villages) and kibbutzim, these secondhand stores are filled with one-of-a-kind items waiting to be discovered.

Mostly, though, it’s just fun to peruse shops for items that others may no longer have use for, that could come home with you to start their second life. Teacups to summer dresses, designer boots and furniture, you never know what goodies you’ll find, and that’s the whole fun!

Here are our picks for the top 13 secondhand stores in Israel, where handpicked treasures await you. Be sure to call ahead and confirm opening hours.

  1. Aron Habigadim Yad Shnia (The Secondhand Closet), 73 HaMelachim Street, Ramat HaSharon

Upgrading from eight years of successful pop-ups to a permanent secondhand store in owner Dalit-Yael Eizen’s home,The Secondhand Closet is open to the public on Thursdays and Fridays, and on other days by special appointment.

Eizen carries a surprisingly large stock of more than 1,000 carefully selected lightly used and new items (many of them from well-respected brands) including clothes, jewelry, shoes, accessories, hats, bags,and even practical basics and sportswear. This is the place for those who seek the positive vibes that Eizen (who is also a holistic life coach) and her clothes dispense.

Store hours:

Thursday 9:30-1:30, 4:30-8:30

Friday 9:30-2:30

And by appointment

  1. Haboydem (The Attic), 15 Tzeret Street and 4 Herbert Samuel Street, Jerusalem
HaBayit HaKatan secondhand store near Netanya. Photo: courtesy

Created by the non-profit organization Shaf Yativ with an admirable mission of “giving people and clothes a second chance, ”Haboydem is a self-sustaining thrift and consignment shop whose employees are people with mental challenges who are looking to get back into the workforce, assisted by volunteers from the organization.

The two Haboydem locations are vibrant spaces where you can purchase high-quality secondhand clothing at affordable prices. Items bear tags that correspond with a color-coded price system. They hang from wooden hangers within a beautifully renovated lofted warehouse-style space that operates as a professional store with a cool modern vibe.

Store hours:

Sunday-Thursday 9:30-7

Friday 9-1

  1. Yaela-U-Lela, 92 Ibn Gvirol Street, Tel Aviv

Born out of owner Yael Ben Haim’s insatiable affinity for being surrounded by fabrics of different colors and textures, haute couture, and chic fashion items, this six-year-old shop in the heart of Tel Aviv receives new clothes and accessories on a daily basis.

The items in this cute boutique-style shop include bags, hats, belts and high-quality stylish fashion from boutique Israeli and international designers of the highest standard, at a much more affordable price than in high-end department stores or small boutiques and ateliers.

Store hours:

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 10-7

Friday 10-2

  1. Golda Second Hand, 20 Bnei Binyamin Street, Herzliya
Shoppers looking through well-loved items at Hagar Boutique Second Hand in the Galilee. Photo: courtesy

A treasure trove of endless racks of vintage and secondhand clothing located in a historical 1920s-era home, Golda is one of those shops where you can lose an afternoon just rooting through the loot. The shop, known for its environmentalism and community initiatives including a community garden and textile collections project, is revered by locals as a rare gem.

Because Golda is densely packed with clothing of all different styles and sizes, as well as other odds and ends, you have to work a little harder to find the pieces you’ll want to take home, but it’s totally worth the effort.

Store hours:

Sunday noon-6:30

Monday-Thursday 10-2, 3-6:30

Friday: 10-2

  1. Mona, 35 Harimon Street, Kfar Harutzim

A charming destination secondhand shop for women’s clothing, shoes and accessories curated by owner Simona Golan, Monain Kfar Harutzim near Raanana is described as a “magical place full of surprises” such as a collection of secondhand wedding dresses at discounted prices.

The pastoral and vintage feel of the shop makes thumbing through the carefully selected racks of lightly used Israeli and International designer clothing a most pleasurable experience.

Store hours:

Monday-Thursday 10-2, 4-7

Friday 10-2

  1. Shnia Echat (One Second), Haafarsamon (Persimmon) Shopping Center, Moshav Ofer

A vintage shop with exceptional style, Shnia Echat in the Haifa area carries only clothing that has aged 30 or more years. Made of “sweat and tears and love and innocence” according to shop owner and part-time mango farmer Efrat, the store itself — originally a chicken coop — is built entirely of recycled materials.

A rustic feel continues into the shop from the rural hilly surroundings. The pieces in Shnia Echat are gathered from around the country and include a rare collection of costumes (perfect for your next Purim getup), vintage Hebrew signs and other metal artifacts for the home, and vibrant women’s clothing that will really make your day.

Store hours:

Wednesday and Thursday 10:30-6

Friday 10:30-3

  1. Habayit HaKatan (The Small House), 22 Habanin Road, Moshav Beit Yitzhak

A little secondhand shop of carefully selected women’s fashion that donates all unsold merchandise to those in need, Habayit Hakatan near Netanya strives to “do good for people and the environment” and has a beating heart that is hard to overlook.

Women’s clothes, accessories, homeware items and jewelry are sold here at a mere third of the price of the new retail item and exude an everyday bohemian chic-type vibe –all in the breathtakingly beautiful setting of a quaint and inviting cottage surrounded by flowers and nature.

Store hours:

Wednesday and Thursday 10-6

Friday 10-2

  1. Déjà vu, Hutzot Shfayim Shopping Center

A secondhand and consignment store that frankly doesn’t feel like one, Deja Vu in Hutzot Shfayim shopping center takes care to not only carefully select and sort the items but also works to rid them of their sordid pasts (should they have any) and get them into tip-top shape before letting them grace the racks.

Free from the “smell of the old days,” and with a distinctly European feel, customers are able to shop this organized store for stylish modern women’s fashion (many from designer brands, and some with original tags), purses, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses and perfumes, while receiving help from the famously warm and attentive staff.

Store hours:

Monday-Thursday 11-7

Friday 10-3:30

Saturday 10-6

  1. Hagar Boutique Second Hand, Mitzpeh Yodfat, Boacha Yodfat Tourism Complex

A secondhand store located in a quaint Galilean moshav, Hagar has the feel of a small high-end clothing boutiquecoupled witha vintage aesthetic. Complete with cute branding that exhibitsthe inherent environmental awarenessof owner Hagar Salamon, the boutique sells secondhand and vintage items in exceptional condition, collected on a weekly basis.

Here you’ll find designer clothes, jewelry, bags, scarves, shoes, vintage clothes and collectable items for the home such as china plates, teapots and decorative hand mirrors. A special gem in this beautiful area of northern Israel, the shop is easy to find, grouped with the stores and cafes of other local artisans at the Boacha Yodfat Tourism Complex where theview alone is almost worth the drive.

Store hours:

Sunday-Thursday 9-5

Friday 9-3

Saturday 10-4

  1. Take 2 Secondhand &Vintage Shop, Mishol Tel 2, Yokne’am Moshava

Getting her start in the business by selling her own secondhand clothing collection out of her apartment, Hila Charter — who has harbored a passion for shopping and vintage clothing since she was a little girl — eventually opened up her own secondhand shop, which in time became the vintage Yokne’am boutique that it is today.

A warm homey atmosphere filled with original and rare pieces from an era of clothing that focused more on fine detail and less on mass production, the pieces at Take 2 were made to stand the test of time.

Loving to help people find that one piece of clothing that they were destined to own, Charter likes how vintage clothing carries with it a certain history. As such, her collection contains pieces from the 1950s and ’60s, up through the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, from all over Europe and the US.

Store hours:

Wednesday and Thursday 10-2

Friday 10-1

And by appointment

  1. Yaldoti Shnia (My Second Childhood), Kibbutz Kfar Masyrek

A charmingly romantic store with unique items that conjure up memories of the collective Israeli childhood, Yaldoti Shnia in the Western Galilee between Haifa and Acre has an exceptional collection of interesting women and men’s clothing, accessories, furniture, kitchenware, gifts, and even books and toys.

In this colorful hodgepodge of unadulterated joy sold at more than reasonable prices, the most fun part is getting a glimpse of the vintage appliances while you try on the very wearable secondhand and vintage clothing. Follow the signs upon entering the kibbutz or call owner Einav: 052-834-6458.

Store hours:

Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10-4

Saturday 10-2

Monday by appointment only

  1. What I Like Vintage, 38 Rimon Street, Moshav Sha’ar Efraim

Alike, or rather love of shopping for secondhand clothing had manifested in Mariana Jerozalski since the time of her immigration to Israel from Argentina at the age of 12. Back then, shopping secondhand was all her family could afford, but the thrill never left her, and this kind of shopping became Jerozalski’s passion.

Not yet owning a physical store, Jerozalski is known for the beautiful fashion pieces she selects, launders and restores, then sells at fairs and pop-ups. Thanks to the world of Internet shopping, you can also browse her Facebook site from home and order clothes that strike your fancy.

Alternatively, you can book a private appointment to view the entire “What I Like” collection, or even book Jerozalski for a home shopping session in the comfort of your own space. Hers is a collection of carefully selected pieces of different styles, which are mostly casual, everyday ensembles filled with personality, color and flair.

Store hours:

By appointment only

  1. Yupka, 52 Hadassah Street, Beersheva (next to Beer Sheva Ice Cream)

Located in the Old City area of Beersheva, this clothing and furniture shop brings a vintage vibe to the desert. Meaning “skirt” in Russian slang, Yupka is one secondhand shop where you can relive your childhood as you rediscover popular items and toys from throughout the 1980s and’90s.

Secondhand furniture that has been painstakingly restored by the charming owner, history buff and entrepreneur who simply goes by “Martha,” and a deeply personal stylish vintage collection of one-of-a-kind clothing, the store is especially for shoppers with an appreciation for beautiful handcrafted items from times past.

Store hours:

Sunday-Thursday 10-7

Tuesday and Friday 10-3

                                                (Israel 21c)


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