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Tlaib/Omar Affair to Define 2020 Election

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Say what you will (and we’ll surely do that down this page a bit) about the Devilish Duo of Democrat Congresswomen, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, but you’ve got to give them credit of some sorts. They clearly provided a jab in the ribs to their party’s leaders and to the roughly 73% of Jews who habitually cast their votes in a Leftist direction, to either stand with our ally Israel or leave it in the lurch. And guess what? This whole gathering of Progressive losers, big and small, fell for it and exposed themselves as being wobbling hypocrites at heart. The jig is up!

Of course, by now you know the story of Tlaib; that she was planning, with Omar, another Israel hater, to pay a visit to her elderly grandmother in a disputed area of the West Bank. But when she and her partner slipped up and indicated the real purpose of their trip, secretly sponsored by Miftah, a Palestinian terror group, was to blare the trumpet of the BDS movement and stir up trouble among the so-called Palestinians, Israel initially banned her but then relented and approved of the visit placing firm restrictions on the journey. She immediately canceled her trip, suffering sudden grandma amnesia, claiming Israel un-democratically closed its doors to them. The fake uproar began. “How dare Israel ban a sitting member of Congress?

This has to be Trump showing his control over Netanyahu,” every single Democrat within shouting distance wailed. This group includes such so called Jewish leaders as Schumer, Deutch, Nadler, Schultz and throw in the obviously now questionable Israel supporting organizations such as the ADL, AIPAC, American Jewish Congress and the American Jewish Committee, all of whom claiming that as sitting members of Congress, these advocates for terrorism against Jews should have been given a free ticket to slam Israel from within its own borders. Again, that word, “borders.” Throw in Joe Biden, the current leader for the Democrat presidential nomination who chimed in. “No democracy should deny entry to visitors based on the content of their ideas–even ideas they strongly object to. And no leader of the free world (he meant Trump) should encourage them.” So how come, when Joe was VP in 2012, his boss’ (Obama’s) State Department denied sitting Israel’s Knesset member Michael Ben Ari, entry into the U.S., claiming he was a supporter of Israeli terrorism against the Palestinians? Joe never said a word in support of this democratically elected Israel legislator. Forgetful Joe.

And let’s not forget the fact that New York City congressman Jerry Nadler (D) who just happens to be the completely feckless chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is also critiquing Netanyahu for denying his blatantly anti-Semitic colleagues entry into Israel. Along with Bernie Sanders, Nadler has created a reputation for voting against Israel’s interests (example: supporting the Obama initiated Iran nuke deal) and has now found a new reason to engage in partisan politics despite the fact that he is supporting haters of both Israel and America.

The big question: Will Jewish voters, overwhelmingly Democrat, continue to play the game of willfully ignoring their party’s anti-Semitism as they have since the days of FDR? Is Jewish political intelligence an oxymoron? We’re afraid of the answer.

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