Report: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos & Lauren Sanchez to Arrange Quickie Marriage

Page Six is reporting that the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, and tootsie Lauren Sanchez are arranging a quickie marriage. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Page Six is reporting that the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, and tootsie Lauren Sanchez are arranging a quickie marriage.

By Pat Savage

According to a Page Six source, “It’s way more serious than date nights — I see them sneaking off to make things official. There won’t be a big ceremony. It will be something to mark their love and everything they’ve gone through to be together.”

Sanchez was the “other woman” with whom Bezos was cheating on his wife. In fact, she just finalized her divorce from her own spouse.

“As Town And Country Magazine recalls, the day after Bezos announced that he and his wife were divorcing, the National Enquirer published an explosive article detailing his relationship with Sanchez,” reported “About a month later Bezos wrote an attention-grabbing blog post of his own in which he claimed that the CEO of the National Enquirer’s parent company AMI, David Pecker, was trying to blackmail him. He said that AMI had gained access to lurid sexts between him and Sanchez and was threatening to release them. At the time, he claimed that they were retaliating against his hiring of a private investigator to look into how they’d learned about the affair in the first place.”

When the Amazon is caught sneaking around behind hish wife’s back, it is international news. As the International Business Times reported last month, Bezos and Sanchez “have been spending more time together now that their divorces are finalized. The new couple was spotted out in Kips Bay as well as on a date on Broadway the same night.”

The pair were “seen at the Japanese O Ya in Kips Bay, New York, where they had a “candlelit dinner” while “sipping cocktails and eating sushi,” a source told Page Six. The couple then rendezvoused on Broadway where they saw the 2019 Tony Award winner for Best Musical, “Hadestown,” in prime center-orchestra seats, the news outlet said. When the performance was over, Bezos reportedly kept his hand on Sanchez’ back, while they exited the theater surrounded by security.”

Sanchez appears to be working hard spending his boyfriend’s money. She was “photographed outside of a New York City apartment building where her boyfriend, Amazon chief Jeff Bezos, reportedly just bought three apartments for about $80 million, according to The Wall Street Journal. Sanchez wore a navy blue blouse, white slacks and navy heels while she wore her hair in a bun.”

“The sighting comes after Bezos, 55, bought a penthouse and two units directly underneath it near Madison Square Park in New York City, according to the Journal. Added People, “The deal is the most expensive ever closed in that area, appraiser Jonathan Miller told the newspaper.”