Ethiopian Israeli Youth Shot Dead by Cop in Haifa

Salomon Tikka
Salomon Tikka

This morning, a police officer who was shot Salomon Tikka in Kiryat Haim, near Haifa, will be brought before a judge. He was arrested and questioned yesterday following the shooting, and the police said that the policeman got caught up in the middle of a fight between youths.

Tikka’s friends said he was shot by a policeman who was chasing him. Police said the policeman was not on duty and was with his wife and three small children in a playground when he noticed a fight in the street between several young men. According to the police, the officer tried to separate the sides. After identifying himself as a policeman, the youths began to throw stones at him. He felt threatened and fired his gun. According to the police, the policeman was injured in the upper part of his body and had to be taken to the hospital. Police internal investigators arrived at the scene, gathered findings and decided to arrest the policeman.

Neighbors said the police arrived at the scene following a complaint about youths who threw stones at civilians. According to them, a policeman who was not in uniform came to the boys, introduced himself and pulled out a police officer’s card. Some of them said that the boy assaulted the policeman and so he fired his weapon.

The severe incident, which was reported at 8:00 pm to the Magen David Adom headquarters, took place near the Nirim club, where young Ethiopians are employed under the Beit Yatziv Youth Center, two of whom reported that two policemen approached them, “The policeman aimed the gun at me but I moved and the bullet hit my friend,” said the boy.

Sami Broka, director of the youth center who knew Salomon Tikka well, said: “It’s hard for me to talk, I know him from the youth center since he was a small boy, and then to get a phone call and to hear that he was shot. I hope that they will really investigate this case properly, because it is not right that a boy is so easily shot. ”

Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan referred to the shooting in Haifa, in which a young Ethiopian member was shot to death by a plainclothes policeman after he felt the danger to his life. Minister Erdan expressed regret over the incident, which adds on to a series of cases in which it was claimed that the police are exercising excessive force against members of the community, and called on the Department for the Investigation of Police to investigate it quickly and with full transparently.

In a series of tweets published by the minister, he expressed “deep shock and great sorrow at the difficult incident in Kiryat Haim, where a Ethiopian teen was killed as a result of the gunfire of a policeman.” The minister added that “an incident in which a person finds his death by a policeman is difficult and severe, And to ensure that all necessary steps are followed and that all lessons will be learned. ” Arden said that he “was informed by the police commissioner that the Police Investigation Department in the Ministry of Justice received a report from the police immediately that its representatives arrived at the scene of the incident and opened an investigation.” In response, the minister added that he expects the Police Investigation Department and the Justice Ministry to conduct the investigation and reach conclusions In connection with the details of the difficult incident with full transparency and transparency to the public. “Finally, Erdan expressed regret over the young man’s death.


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