Eric Adams’ Issue with a Free Press

Members of the media have found it increasingly difficult to find a parking spot in Brooklyn

As journalists who spend our days and nights providing coverage of stories in the fast paced, super charged environment of New York City, we can tell you most succinctly that if you want to get a real scoop for your publication or electronic outfit, you had best be ready to be “Johnny On the Spot” in terms of immediate coverage.

Yes, covering breaking news stories does have its own level of stress, but frankly, what makes matters worse in the County of Kings, better known as Brooklyn, is the fact that press vehicles only have three parking spots allocated to them. And if that were not bad enough, it appears that law enforcement officials take the liberty of parking in these press designated spots.

So, the question can be ask: How can the press possibly cover a story in Brooklyn if they cannot park their car or news van? And who came up with the insane idea that only three parking spots in the entire borough of Brooklyn was sufficient?

Well, the Jewish Voice asked that very question to the Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams in the past. While Adams listened passively and uttered some vague statement about correcting this aggravating situation, nothing as yet has been done to rectify this. It should be noted that in Manhattan, press parking spots are most plentiful, and we cannot even draw a comparison between boroughs because the disparity is nothing short of glaring.

As election season fast approaches, we have caught wind of the fact that Eric Adams plans to throw his proverbial hat in the ring and run for mayor of the Big Apple. In the famous adage about the critical importance of a vibrant and diverse media, we learn that “Democracy Dies in Darkness” and as the late Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis famously said, “Sunlight is the greatest disinfectant.” We think that Eric Adams ought to receive constant reminders of this. We firmly believe that if Adams is going to succeed in garnering the chief executive job in City Hall, he had best be educated about the paramount importance of a free press and more practically, he must make it a priority to significantly expand the number press parking spots.


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