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Letters to the Editor

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Dismayed on Carl Laemmle Omission by USHMM

(The following open letter to Sara Bloomfield, of the United States Holocaust Museum was received by the Jewish Voice)

Sara Bloomfield, Executive Director

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Dear Ms. Bloomfield,

We are writing to express our dismay at the omission of Carl Laemmle from the “Americans and the Holocaust” exhibit at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Laemmle helped rescue of hundreds of German Jews in the 1930s. Other Americans who aided far fewer refugees are included in the exhibition.

According to curators Daniel Greene and Rebecca Erbelding, Laemmle was left out because they “were limited by a lack of artifacts or visual material related to Laemmle.” Yet the New York Times and other news outlets had no trouble finding visual materials about Laemmle when they published articles about him in recent years.

We urge you to correct this omission as soon as possible.


Sanford C. Einstein
Walnut Creek, Ca.
Prof. Irving Abella
York University
Dr. IIya Altman
The Russian Holocaust Center
Prof. Omer Bartov
Brown University
Prof. Daniel Bitran
College of the Holy Cross
Prof. Paul Bookbinder
University of Massachusetts
Eric Cohen, Chairperson
Investors Against Genocide
Prof. Zev Garber (emer.)
Los Angeles Valley College
Prof. Jay Geller
Vanderbilt University
Prof. David Golinkin
The Schechter Institute
Dr. Elvira Groezinger
Scholars for Peace in the Middle East
Prof. Susannah Heschel
Dartmouth College
Prof. Ron Hollender (emer.)
Montclair State University
Prof. Brian Horowitz
Tulane University
Prof. Steven L. Jacobs
University of Alabama
Prof. Irene Kacondes
Dartmouth College
Hon. David Kilgour, J.D
Member of Parliament, Canada (1979–2006)
Prof. Gerd Korman (emer.)
Cornell University
Dr. Neil Kressel
William Patterson University
Prof. Thomas Kuhne
Clark University
Dr. Vincent A. Lapomarda, S.J.,S.T.L.
Coordinator of the Hiatt Holocaust Collection
College of the Holy Cross
Prof. Laurel Leff
Northeastern University
Dr. Rafael Medoff
The David S.Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies
Prof. Robert Melson (emer.)
Purdue University
Prof. Stephen H. Norwood
University of Oklahoma
Martin Ostrow
Filmmaker – “America and the Holocaust” (PBS)
Rabbi Prof. Allen Podet
State University College At Buffalo
Dr. Eunice G. Pollack
Co-Editor, Encyclopedia of American Jewish History
Dr.Carol Rittner (emer.)
Stockton University
Prof. Victoria Sanford
Lehman College, City University of New York
Pierre Sauvage
Varian Fry Institute
Greg Stanton
Founding President, Genocide Watch
Prof. Peter Tarjan (emer.)
University of Miami
Dr. Ann Weiss
Founder and Director
Eyes from the Ashes Educational Foundation
Prof. John H. Weiss
Cornell University
Prof. John C. Zimmerman
University of Nevada Las Vegas
Prof. Bat-Am Zucker
Bar IIan University

“To All Who ‘Woke Up’…Please Go Back to Sleep”

Dear Editor:

The new ‘intersectional’ coalitions of perpetual victims need a bogeyman to blame for their woes and surprise, surprise, they picked the Jews whom they now label as privileged Whites who are keeping “woke” Muslims, Blacks, Latinos, LGBT, people of color and so called Palestinian Arabs down.

White Jewish privilege? Yes. So glad you ‘woke up’ and pointed that out to all of us. We had the ‘privilege’ of being persecuted for centuries.

If ‘woke up’ means to have one’s consciousness raised, then I might suggest a new definition. Wake up, take a long hard look in the mirror and instead of blaming the Jews or Israel, blame yourselves for not taking advantage of the many privileges open to all in our country to achieve your goals. Wake up, thank Jews who gave so much back to the African American community and still do so. Wake up and realize there is only your own false victimization that is truly keeping you down.


Ginette Weiner,
Scottsdale, AZ

Praising the Jewish Voice!

Dear Editor:

Just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation to the Jewish Voice for presenting such a comprehensive publication each and every week. I know it is not easy and you folks deserve tremendous praise. Your cover story articles are always compelling and capture the events of the day like no other outlet.


Jerry Yudetzky

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