Independent Palestinian Leaders to Attend Bahrain Economic Conference. - The Jewish Voice
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Monday, July 4, 2022

Independent Palestinian Leaders to Attend Bahrain Economic Conference.

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Independent Palestinian Leaders to attend Bahrain economic conference.

Amid threats Mohammad Massad, former PLO terrorist, to join delegation of independent Palestinian leaders at Bahrain economic conference next week.


On his facebook page in Arabic he wrote: I announced that I will join the delegation of Palestinian businessmen heading to Manama, the capital of Bahrain, to participate in the economic conference to represent myself and my project and represent the members of the Green Horizon Group.

It was the duty of the Palestinian leadership to go and represent us, but they choose to turn there back on the world. This comes after their corruption has been exposed to all. They oppose the conditions offered to give them financial support and financial grants because these conditions do not suit their corrupt sysem and not enable them to exercise greed and looting of funds. So they reject this support of the international community. They choose to deprive opportunity to our people and they hide behind cheap propaganda.

They betray and question anyone who will participate in this conference and have instructed the leaders of the organizations to attack all who do go to Bahrain.

I alone bear the responsibility of every letter and every word written or spoken in this subject before God, first and in front of the people and in front of the just law and the Palestinian tribal tradition.

The principle is absolute clarity and full transparency.

My message is that it is the right of the Palestinian people to live in freedom and dignity. My goal is to secure a source of income for thousands of impoverished Palestinian workers.

My ambition is to bring my people together with the industrial and productive countries.


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