Caught Trying to Smuggle in Guns Via the Darknet

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As part of the cooperation of the Israel Police with the enforcement authorities in countries around the world, the police opened a secret investigation during the last month dealing with arms trafficking through the Darknet network. The investigation was launched after a resident of Israel tried purchasing a gun and having it mailed to Israel.

With the progress of the covert investigation, the police cyber-crimes unit used a variety of advanced technological means to collect evidence against the 26-year-old central suspect who allegedly contacted a person outside Israel to buy a Glock gun valued at about $1,400.

The investigation also revealed that the suspect had even examined various forwarding options, by which he allegedly wanted to send the gun so that he would not be caught by the law enforcement authorities.

On June 13, the main suspect and his brother age 32 from Jerusalem, who was suspected of having links with the offense and knowledge of his intentions and acquisition of weapons, were both arrested.

They were brought for questioning on suspicion of importing weapons without permit, possession of weapons and conspiracy to commit a crime.

The main suspect was brought before the Magistrate’s Court last night for a hearing in which the State Prosecutor’s Office filed a statement against him, and at the end of which he was released to house arrest and other restrictive conditions. The other suspect was released by the court at the beginning of the week.


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