Trump Winning in European Elections

Pictured above is UK Prime Minister Theresa May. Recently, she announced that she would resign her post due to the bellicose pushback she has been received from leftist political parties in Britain that oppose taking takes to make the Brexit vote a reality. Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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Europe has always been considered a pariah by our nation. The recently commemorated Memorial Day brought to mind the hundreds of thousands of young Americans who sacrificed their lives in two massive wars so that those Continentals could once again mess themselves up. They did it after WWII in flirting with Communism, embracing the crippling philosophy of Socialism and then signed the European Union (EU) virtual death warrant that has brought these elitists to their knees. This past weekend’s EU vote indicated that the common citizens, the serfs, have had enough and voted overwhelmingly to signal that the progressives are on their way out. But give thanks again, to the land of the Stars and Stripes.

The results of the European Union (EU) vote throughout much of Europe has demonstrated that President Trump’s policies regarding trade and illegal immigration and standing up to radical Islam are working. Anti-EU parties have made big gains securing outright victory in France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Hungary and Poland, among others. Nigel Farage’s UK’s Brexit Party, France’s Marine Le Pen’s National Rally and Italy’s Matteo Salvini’s League Party all declared victory in their respective countries. Throw in the conservative wins in Poland and Hungary to make this a slam-dunk defeat for those who welcomed in millions of Muslims to destroy their Western outlook.

According to our so called, self-identified betters, the Leftist Progressives, this wasn’t supposed to happen. Wasn’t Europe a utopia? Weren’t we told time and again that it was a secular, socialist paradise where the atheist, the Muslim, the GLBTQ gang supposedly lived together in peace and harmony and the Jew and Christian were treated with disdain and chased out with many acts of accepted terror? Not anymore.

Most assuredly we will now be hammered with many complicated, intellectual, political rationalizations about the trend this vote signals but what it boils down to is that people are proud of who they are! Americans want to be Americans! Brits want to be Brits and French want to be French. Global citizenship and world-wide kumbaya is bubkis. Look how well the United Nations functions. We are all different and national pride motivates us to do better. Competition works. Perhaps this is an indication that the Trump attitude depicting self-worth, self-respect and aggressiveness against the evils of socialism, Communism and Islamofascism really works. Maybe, just maybe, there’s hope for the future generations.

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