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IDF Completes Destruction of Main Hezbollah Attack Tunnel

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IDF announces ‘flagship’ attack tunnel dug by Hezbollah to infiltrate Israeli communities has been sealed

By: A7 Staff

The IDF, in an effort led by the Northern Command and the 91st Division, completed the destruction of an attack tunnel that was dug by the Hezbollah terror organization, crossing into Israeli territory from Lebanon. The attack tunnel was dug from the Shi’ite village of Ramiyeh and was exposed by the IDF last January as part of Operation “Northern Shield”. In addition, the IDF released footage of their operations to locate the last found cross-border attack tunnel

Hezbollah planned to infiltrate Israel through the attack tunnel into Israeli communities near the border in order to harm civilians as part of its war plans.

The attack tunnel was neutralized by pumping sealants after the tunnel was thoroughly investigated in recent months. The portion of the attack tunnel in Lebanese territory was destroyed and the whole structure was rendered useless.

This was a cross border attack tunnel belonging to the Hezbollah terror organization and neutralized by the IDF, following the other attack tunnels that were neutralized and destroyed in Operation “Northern Shield”.

“One of our most important responsibilities is to keep an ongoing battle against tunnels both in the Southern and Northern frontier,” An IDF officer told Fox News.

This tunnel was the flagship tunnel of the Hezbollah terror organization tunneling effort, in which Hezbollah invested the most resources and efforts. Infrastructure was installed in it that allowed for a prolonged stay of terrorists inside, efficient excavation capabilities and mobility of operatives.

The UN force in Lebanon, UNIFIL, investigated the tunnel and confirmed it was dug from Lebanon into Israel, in violation of UNSCR 1701.

The IDF estimates that there are no more tunnels penetrating Israeli territory, and that there are only a few more tunnels inside Lebanese territory at a depth of several hundred meters.

The last tunnel, which was also the largest tunnel dug to a depth of eighty meters near the village of Ramiyeh in the center of the northern sector near Zarit, was the last of the tunnels through which Hezbollah intended to break into Israel and carry out a series of attacks along the fence.

The IDF says that the probability of war being initiated by Hezbollah is low, and that Operation Northern Shield has strengthened deterrence.

Fox News reported that Amid new regional tension with Iran, reports indicate these tunnels were meant to be used by the Iranian proxy Hezbollah in a ground operation against Israel.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah confirmed they were supposed to be used as a tool for war.

“If there is a war, and I say if we decide to enter the Galilee, the tunnels will partially help. An operation like this one needs the whole border area. I say to them: ‘You will never know how we will go in; on the ground, underground from the sky,’” Nasrallah said.

While the army is completing the neutralization of the Ramiyeh tunnel, the same tunnel continues to be used to locate tunnels and other means used by the organization against the IDF, such as drones, photographs and information gathering. (INN)

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