Bklyn Man Subjected to Anti-Semitic Abuse on Streets of Crown Heights


A Brooklyn man named Jack Blachman man recently found himself on the receiving end of nasty anti-Semitic abuse on the streets of Crown Heights, New York in the latest open display of Jew-hatred across the United States.

Edited by: JV Staff

JTA reported that the man who was obviously Jewish was attacked over the weekend in the strife ridded Brooklyn neighborhood.

The attack comes days after the New York Police Department reported that more than half of all hate crimes reported in 2018 and so far in 2019 were anti-Jewish.

In the weekend incident, according to the New York Post, the unnamed victim, who was visibly Jewish, was punched in the back of the head while walking in the heavily Hasidic Williamsburg section. The attacker was reported to have called the man a “f***ing Jew.”

JTA also reported that over the past week, Brooklyn community activist Yaakov Behrman tweeted a video of a man harassing a Jewish passer-by and New York Times columnist Bret Stephens posted about witnessing an incident on Manhattan’s First Avenue.

Last week, it was reported that Chabad Rabbi Uriel Vigler was attacked by an African-American man who physically threatened him and yelled anti-Semitic vulgarities. The assault happened on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, as the Rabbi was making his way to morning prayers (Shacharit).

The assailant then ran away, and the rabbi did not need medical treatment.

Rabbi Vigler filed a complaint with the New York Police Department (NYPD).

In response to the attack, Rabbi Vigler told the TPS news agency: “I thought we were living in peace and tranquility in Manhattan. We won’t surrender to terror. We will continue to act with alacrity and full of love for every Jew and we will continue to spread light to the world.”

Rabbi Vigler is the rabbi of the Chabad Israel Center on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and the director of the “Balev Echad” organization which empowers IDF soldiers who were wounded while serving in the army.



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