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Artificial Intel Finds Best Antidepressant for a Patient

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Israeli digital health firm Taliaz partners with Psychiatry UK in new online service using genetic testing to help prescribe most effective meds

A groundbreaking online service to deliver artificial intelligence-driven genetic testing to depression sufferers has just been launched in a partnership between Tel Aviv-based health-analytics company Taliaz and Psychiatry UK, the United Kingdom’s leading online psychiatry service.

The online medically-managed Predictix service aims to reduce patient suffering by helping psychiatrists better identify the right antidepressant medication earlier.

The Taliaz team in Tel Aviv. Photo: courtesy

“With depression the world’s number 1 health burden according to the World Health Organization, the online Predictix service empowers psychiatrists to better tackle the often long and painful trial and error process that today’s patients face to find the right antidepressant,” said Dr. Dekel Taliaz, Taliaz CEO.

“By using deep-data analysis, our Predictix AI algorithm understands the highly complex role of each patients’ unique biological background and environment in driving behaviors, to personalize treatment.”

Recent research shows that 65 percent of depression patients fail to achieve remission following their first antidepressant treatment and a further 30% completely quit their ineffective treatment.

“Predictix is completely online, non-invasive and easy to use from home. Patients simply consult with our psychiatrists and send over a DNA swab,” said Dr. Andy Montgomery, medical lead for Psychiatry UK. “Within days, our psychiatrists will have clear scientific guidance as to which antidepressant are most likely to be effective, based on each patient’s unique genetic makeup and health record.”

The service was fully launched in February following a successful pilot phase.

“One of our patients, who had not responded to four antidepressants, reported that after starting the medication recommended by the Predictix test three weeks previous, is now feeling like a different person,” said pilot participating psychiatrist Dr. Adil Jawad.

Predictix also is available in France and Israel.

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