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Media Companies Hope to Use Apple to Spread Content at a Profit

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Big media companies appear ready to dive into the world of Apple with the hopes of using the company to help spread its content and make money. After misleading Facebook statistics led to media pivoting to video, and after media outlets posted stories on Facebook for free even though Facebook wound up sucking away all of the ad revenue, there is even more reason for these companies to be hesitant about partnering with another tech company.

By: Jacque Brandt

It looks as if these entities do not have much of a choice though and are willing to take the gamble on working with Apple in order to try helping bottom lines. Apple would not be the only source of revenue for these companies, which must keep up with the times by diversifying and expanding sources of revenue as much as possible so the funds don’t dry out.

Tim Cook spoke about the future of media and how Apple would fit into that picture at a presentation fittingly held at Steve Jobs Theater. His comments about how the company wants to make a “very different choice” with the way it wants to make news judgements are significant because they can be seen as a shot at companies like Facebook, which has been highly criticized for creating an atmosphere where bogus information spreads like wildfire.

Cook has a different vision for how a giant technology company like Apple could play a role in helping to spread the facts and help media companies stay solvent. There is no shortage of interest, with over 200,000 people getting Apple News Plus subscriptions in the two days following its unveiling that featured celebrities. “This is going to take Apple News to a whole new level,” Cook said.

Apple will be missing two notable newspapers, and they are both papers of record that have global reach and rich financial backing. Apple News Plus subscribers will not have access to The New York Times and The Washington Post, but Apple did try hard to get them on board. New York Times Chief Executive Mark Thompson criticized the application for the way it mixes together “different news sources into these superficially attractive mixtures,” and that could lead to consumers reading article after article without realizing which publications actually produced the content.

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