Long Beach Resident/Sports Writer Kohen/ Robert Elkin Dead at 76

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It is with much sadness that I report that long time (70 years)Long Beach resident and sports reporter, ROBERT JOSEPH ELKIN (Kohen) passed away on Wednesday April 3, 2019 at the age of 76, just one day before the Mets home opener, an event he tried not to miss during his 40 years sports writing career.


Robert graduated Long Beach High School. He was the score keeper in high school because he was forced to give up playing baseball when he was hit in the eye with a batted ball around the age of 12.. The accident caused Robert to lose most of his eyesight in one eye.Robert covered sports for the New York Journal American , The Brooklyn Eagle, Caribbean Life, a Courier Life Publication and the Queens Times.

Robert covered high school, college and professional track and field,baseball, basketball and football. Robert did most of his writing about The New York Mets as sports writer and Sports Editor for the Queens Times, Jim Lisa, Publisher.


Robert was often seen on the sidelines of high school track and field events throughout the New York Metropolitan area, but mostly at sporting events in the borough of Queens. Longtime sports writer Lloyd Carroll said he would miss “Little Bobby,” as he called him, while he covers Mets and Jets home games. Mr. Carroll is well known for is sports writing in the Queens Chronicle as well as his sports and entertainment writing in Good Times Magazine, a New York publication..

Robert remained a resident of long Beach until his last breath. When he could no longer take care of himself he moved to the Long Beach Assisted Living, where he spent most of his last days of his life. He was very fond of  Avi Heineman, Long Beach Assisted Living Administrator.


Robert said shortly before his death that he began his professional sports writing career the year that Jay Horwitz started his with the New York Mets,  40 years ago. His memory as a lifelong sports writer and Mets fan should not go unnoticed. He credited Jim Lisa, publisher of the Queens Times for sticking with him during his difficult years as wells as his productive writing years.


Robert credited his life’s work writing about the New York Mets to Jay Horwitz and Ethan Wilson, who were very helpful to Mr. Elkin.

We know that Robert will be missed in the New York Mets and New York Jets Press Boxes.


Robert Elkin was an only child and had the benefit of two loving parents who treated him like a prince.

Robert was laid to rest on Sunday April 7, 2019 at King Solomon Cemetery in Clifton, New Jersey during a graveside service attended by friends and family.

Robert’s father, Daniel Elkin was a Kohen, a member of the holiest Tribe of Israel. Kohen were considered the Priests in biblical times and still honored at Sabbath and other religious services of the Jewish faith.

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