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After Messy Divorce, Harry Macklowe Marries Patricia Landeau; Bride Stuns in Lavish Attire

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On Thursday, the New York Post reported that real estate tycoon and billionaire Harry Macklowe wedded his girlfriend, French businesswoman Patricia Landeau. Landeau if the president of the French Friends of the Israel Museum. The couple’s nuptials were held at the Brooklyn’s Weylin, inside the iconic Williamsburgh Savings Bank building.     

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According to the Page Six report, Landeau who is almost 20 years Macklowe’s junior went all out in her wedding attire. Opting not to wear a traditional white wedding dress, Landeau went for a pink and orange tweed dress by the designer, Chanel. It was reported that the dress has a hefty retail price tag of $8,150. Landeau accessorized with glamorous earrings and a pink scarf that matched her dress.

For her handbag selection, Landaeu carried a custom made clutch bag designed by Edie Parker, according to the Post report. This upscale accessory set Landeau back about $1895.00 but the clutch is a keep sake of sorts, as it monogrammed with the initials of the newlyweds, “HMP”

No bride who decides to get betrothed in the New York City winter can be without the appropriate outwear and that was the case for Landeau as well. She wore a fur coat that went halfway down her calf and was designed by Marc Kaufman of Marc Kaufman Furs, according to the Post report. The coat of Russian sable is definitely on the pricey side and according to Kaufman, furs such as the one that Landeau wore can run upwards of $100,000, depending on where the coat is purchased,

And let’s not forget the groom’s attire. Macklowe wore a Brioni suit, along with a pick tie and matching pink socks that matched his bride’s ensemble.

Macklowe has recently come out of a very long and complicated divorce with his ex-wife Linda to whom he had been married for 58 years.

According to Page Six, Macklowe left his wife for his girlfriend after “hiding” her in his 737 Park Ave. property.

“It was no secret in the building that the woman was Harry Macklowe’s girlfriend, and she’s been coming and going for two years,” said a source from Page Six.

In 2017, the Jewish Voice reported that the couple was disputing over the value of the luxurious 14,000-square-foot condo that they owned in the Plaza Hotel.

While Macklowe has claimed that the apartment, with panoramic views from its 54 windows, a personal art gallery and a gigantic master suite, is valued at $107 million,  Linda had claimed the condo is worth only half of that at $55 million.

Macklowe’s lawyers had accused Linda of under appraising the unit’s value, in order to claim more cash from the overall estimated $2 billion fortune of her real estate developer husband.

The apartment is in the Plaza Hotel’s unit No. 710. After the 1907 landmark hotel partial converted to condos ten years ago, the unit was completely renovated.

In April of 2017, it was reported that Macklowe said he would offer Linda $1 billion just so she would sign the legal papers which finalized their divorce so he can marry his girlfriend.

The real estate businessman then gave reporters a show by reciting “wife” jokes, which he has been telling previously on the YouTube channel Old Jews Telling Jokes, according to the New York Daily News.




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