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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Minimum Wage Laws Destroy Our Economy

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If you’re a 17 year old high school dropout with absolutely no working skills, move to New Jersey or New York. The Socialist/Progressive/Lunatic legislators and governors of these states have set in motion a $15 per hour minimum wage base for their hard working entrepreneurs to contend with. Jersey Governor Phil Murphy just signed such a bill into law. The Garden State is the 4th to jump on the minimum wage-boost bandwagon. Sadly, New York, California, Massachusetts as well as the District of Columbia have already phased in higher minimum wage rates. And we think this idea of attempting to create an immediate “middle class” is similar to the Stalin 5-Year Plans that crippled the working enthusiasm of its citizens and economically brought down Soviet Russia to its knees.

Be prepared for the same right here in the land where leading Leftists seem to blindly follow the well-worn blueprints of internal destruction so willingly. But not all in the liberal bastion of the Garden State are jumping up and down for joy. During the hearings for the bill, several business owners testified that the new bill could lead to business layoffs and increased moves toward total automation. Many expressed fear that with the onset of another recession, the new higher wages for their unskilled employees would lead to serious problems for them. In other words, these employers would either have to fire workers or go out of business. Republican NJ State Senator, Declan O’Scanlon rightly prophesied “The amount of job loss that we are going to see among small businesses will be tragic.”

Let’s talk about the effects of such a raise on people. Because teenagers and young adults hold a disproportionately large share of low wage jobs, they figure to be among the hardest hit during a business downturn, to be pushed out by their employers cutting their hours or requiring them to (heaven forbid) take on more responsibilities during working hours. We’ve heard policy makers blame high crime in cities such as Chicago on steep poverty and unemployment.

Wouldn’t a high minimum wage that would surely reduce job opportunities for the youth exacerbate social problems? And what about these higher wages acting as an incentive for kids to leave school to earn $30,000 per year and therefore prematurely ending their formal education that would enhance their skills? And what about those who have climbed the hourly wage ladder to $15 per hour by their hard work and learned skills? What wage hikes would they demand? Might not these motivated harder workers willingly take on more responsibilities for a few extra bucks and shove aside the less skilled ones? And basically, what 40 year old family man worth his salt, after years on the job, is still toiling for minimum wage? Minimum wage jobs are entry level positions.

In short we feel that raising the minimum wage is artificially tinkering with the economy. Basically, those voting to do so have rarely held jobs in the commercial sector and have never had to deal with the problems of running a business. Let them spend some time in shipping rooms or on the loading docks to learn about those whose lives they are dealing with and then have them re-think messing with the economy. A little bit of reality wouldn’t hurt.

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