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Monday, February 6, 2023

Letters to the Editor

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Angered at AIPAC’s “Chutzpah”

(The Jewish Voice received the following letter from Rabbi Yehoshua Hecht)


I was taken aback on your attack–yes attack, upon Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Your condemnation of Rabbi Kahane, ztk’l and his enduring legacy of assuring a “safe Israel without active Arab enemies from within” especially now is a disingenuous act and very counterproductive to the safety and democracy of the state of Israel.

Here’s why:

#1 Oslo, Madrid and Camp David have all proven to be an exercise in futility. The decades of terrorism by the PLO and Hamas have shown without a doubt that the other side is not interested in coexistence. The thousands of Israelis killed or maimed for life are the product of wishful thinking and naivety.

#2 The number one obligation of a state is to protect the life and security of its citizens. Israel has made many concessions to the PLO in response to the incessant calls by the U.N.–and as a result compromised the security of its citizens.

#3 A strong right of center government in Israel is the only way security and progress may be assured that benefits Israel and its Arab population.

#4 AIPAC joins with an enfeebled ADL led by an Obama era operative down the path of becoming irrelevant to its base of supporters by joining the bandwagon of the ‘condemnation experts’ who know how to condemn only one side without applying the same scale of standards to the other side. How can a person such as Gantz who is calling for another disengagement from parts of Israel and his new found friend Lapid who is a divider and not a uniter better than the so called extremist “Otzma Yehudit” party.

What makes them more kosher or fit to serve with all of their extremist anti Yehuda and Shomron talk as well as their very disturbing anti-religious rhetoric on their resume? Will a Knesset majority assured by their coalition including hateful anti state of Israel Arab parties be better for Israel’s citizens?

Finally AIPAC does a disservice by attempting to curry favor with today’s growing liberal anti-Israel segment in America.

Stay OUT of internal Israeli politics and don’t be so quick to condemn real Israeli patriots who want security and safety of its citizens to be priority number one. That is something that AIPAC and all people of good will should agree upon.

One more point. Why pile on–yes pile on the PM at this time. You know as well as all strategic thinkers know, that those opposed to PM Netanyahu are a danger to the hundreds of thousands of Jews residing in Yehuda and Shomron and as a Rabbi and student of Jewish Law–one is not permitted to compromise the security of life and welfare of a fellow Jew and or fellow human being–even for political considerations!

AIPAC has much to lose and little to gain in hobbling the chances of a right of center Knesset.


Rabbi Yehoshua Hecht
Norwalk, CT

Confronting the “Left” in Israel

(The following is a statement issued by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)

“What hypocrisy and double standards of the left, they condemn a blocking alliance on the right with right-wing parties, while the left has worked to bring radical Islamists into the Knesset in order to create a blocking alliance”

“In 1999, Ehud Barak participated in a pre-election conference with the inciting Sheikh Raed Salah; Labor and Meretz representatives voted for Azmi Bishara, who spied for Hezbollah to enter the Knesset; and Yitzhak Herzog worked on a vote-surplus agreement with the Joint Arab List and said that the Arab MKs were legitimate partners in the government.”

“To rule out a union with right-wing parties is unacceptable, but to act to incite instigators and spies against Israel is legitimate. This is the height of absurdity.”


Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister of Israel

Finds AIPAC to Be Hypocritical

(The following statement was issued by ZOA Chairman, Mort Klein)

“It’s strange, troubling and hypocritical that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), AIPAC, the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and the Israel Policy Forum (IPF) condemned the technical merger of two small right-wing pro-Israel political parties, Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Strength) and Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) – but remained silent about mergers of anti-Israel Arab parties led by Arab Knesset members who oppose the Jewish State’s existence and engage in outright treacherous conduct, including assisting Palestinian-Arab terrorists and inciting anti-Jewish terror.

It is also mystifying that these Jewish-American groups condemned Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for encouraging small right-wing Israeli parties to merge, so that Israeli voters on the right are not disenfranchised (meaning votes for those groups would be wasted if they didn’t reach the threshold), while these Jewish-American groups said nothing about Palestinian Authority (PA) dictator Mahmoud Abbas brokering the merger of anti-Jewish, anti-Israel Arab parties running for the Knesset.

ZOA hopes that ADL, IPF, AIPAC and AJC will review the dangerous actions and statements of the Arab parties and their Knesset candidates discussed in this article, and direct their condemnation to those who oppose the State of Israel, and are truly racist and reprehensible, and a danger to the Jewish people and the Jewish State.”


Mort Klein
ZOA Chairman

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