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ISIS Must Be Gone Before US Leaves Syria

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Again, we want to reiterate our concern regarding President Trump’s decision to remove our troops from Syria. Perhaps he will elaborate more on this issue in the coming days to spell out this process. There are other steps he might consider such as keeping our troops on the ready in the region and at the same time bulking up the offensive and defensive strengths of our vulnerable allies in the region, the Israelis and the Kurds, both loyal to the Nth degree with our policies against Iran and the terrorists lurking in that tinderbox of horror and hate. Israel, at the moment has sufficient military might to ward off any attacks on it from the north.

They have at their disposal an air force and anti-missile defense systems that have kept them protected from the earlier rocket attacks from Hezbollah and Syria. But the introduction of more effective Russian and Iranian technology threatens their defenses. And Israel wisely doesn’t disclose its own advances in its offensive and defensive missile capabilities. The number of our troops now in Syria are about 2,000. Not truly a substantial military fighting force. Perhaps they (and our air power) could be moved into Israel and Jordan and reinforced by a few battalions to be at the ready if those two nations are attacked. This would constitute our willingness to stand up for our allies and deter any further aggression southward.

And what about the Kurds, for whom our nation has shown much disregard over the years? The leaders of Iran (Hassan Rouhani) Turkey (Tayyip Erdogan) and Syria (Bashar al-Assad) are foaming at their Islamist mouths to wipe out the Kurds. All three countries have continued an ongoing war against these people over the years, slaughtering hundreds of thousands of them without the world (and us) even blinking an eye. This must stop and we feel it’s our responsibility to act before they are wiped out. Our history with regards to these people has not been a good one. Back in the 1970’s our then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, turned his back on our Kurdish allies when Iran and Iraq stopped killing each other permitting the Ayatollahs and Saddam to slaughter and uproot tens of thousands of them.

The late William Safire dramatically documented this catastrophe in his New York Times’ op-eds. We urge President Trump to convince Israel to share with the Kurds their anti-ballistic missile shields, the Golden Dome, Arrow and David’s Sling. The two are true allies. We could also supply them with anti-tank and bolster their offense with modern heavy weapon arsenals. We must not ignore the past and ongoing loyalty of the Kurds in our war against ISIS and terror. If we do remove our troops from Syria, we must ensure that we stand by Israel and the Kurds with our military, economic and diplomatic clout. We must send a signal to the world that the United States is willing to truly have our allies’ backs. Our history in this regard has been a shameful one.

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