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Historic NYC “Forward” Newspaper to Cease Print Edition After 121 Years

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The Forward has announced that it will cease its print edition starting this spring.

“Dear Readers,” CEO and Publisher Rachel Fishman Feddersen began in her message, “today, the Forward is taking the next step in making our brand more relevant to our readers and more connected to their lives. We are announcing that this spring, the Forward will complete its evolution from what was once a print-focused publisher to become a digitally focused publisher. This will allow us to sharpen our focus, reach, and relevance to established and new digital readerships.”

She continued, “We reach over two million readers a month, every month, through digital platforms, across generations. A third of our readers are under 35. Our fearless journalism, cultural celebration, and community connection is happening every day — on our website, in email, through social media, and more. We publish hundreds of original pieces every month, creating a living portrait of the American Jewish community and its diverse politics, culture, religious celebrations, and opinions.

“In order to deliver better and better digital products, and reach our readership “where they live”, the Forward will print its last paper issues in English and in Yiddish this spring.

“And while it’s essential that we take these steps to ensure our financial survival, it’s also the right way to better serve the vast majority of our readership. As much as we love the magazine, continuing to print, in both English and Yiddish, is no longer financially sustainable.

“The Forward has never stagnated. Over our 121-year history, we have changed our format many times, launching new sections, publishing in new languages (Yiddish, English, Russian), and embracing change in our community. Whereas our readers once went to the newsstand with a nickel to read the news of the day, today, the vast majority of our community connects through the digital world. That is where the Forward is and will be.

The statement continued, “From generation to generation, the Forward has been providing fearless journalism. Today, we pledge to continue that mission, connecting the Jewish community to its own story, and protecting and nurturing the American Jewish soul.

“We’ve always been truth tellers at the Forward, recognizing reality and not sugar-coating it, and knowing what it takes to serve the community. It’s why you support us by reading, subscribing, and donating.

“The media business is a tumultuous one, and in today’s world, truth-telling takes on ever more urgency. With your support, we can maintain our commitment to our mission, and plot a sure course to survive and thrive.

“In gratitude for your readership…”

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