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Twitter Wrongs Laura Loomer

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If the recently deceased comic book genius, the kid from New York, Stan Lee, ever wanted to create a Jewish super-heroine, he could not have found a better real life model than Laura Loomer to base her on. But Laura, as a real life protector of our American and Jewish values, does not need to hide behind a mask nor does she have to wear an outlandish uniform to perform her duties of mitzvah. She does them fearlessly and without regard for the condemnations of the anti American/Jewish Left. But since no good deed goes unpunished, for her bravery under fire she has had her Twitter account suspended…for the time being. Strange that the cowardly forces behind both Facebook and Twitter, who both not too long ago proudly stated that they were the voices of diversity permitting all their members to honestly, without vulgarity, to state their views openly and without fear of retribution have done just the opposite. So much for the life span of promises from the Progressive controlled media elites.

Ms. Loomer, claims she was pulled off Twitter after she accused new House member IIhan Omar of being anti-Jewish, pro-Sharia and in favor of female genital mutilation (FMG). Ms. Omar, who replaces Keith Ellison, from Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, argued extensively against a 2017 bill in her state that increased penalties for female genital mutilation. In other words, she supported Sharia Law which is a threat to our Constitution and our freedoms. And Omar is unquestionably in favor of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement that can easily be characterized as anti-Jewish. Her office, after the election, stated to the MuslimGirl website, that Omar supported the BDS movement against Israel. That came as a surprise to her Jewish supporters in Minnesota who were told by her that she was opposed to this tactic. That’s another Sharia biggee, ”Taqqiya,” lying to infidels to defeat them..

Laura has also disrupted a NYC production of ”Julius Shakespeare’ when she rushed the stage to protest a mock figure of President Donald Trump being stabbed to death multiple times as part of the performance. She was also forcibly removed from a Broward synagogue where anti-Israel Florida candidate for governor, Andrew Gillum was scheduled to speak. They anticipated her disrupting the event. We’ve written previously about these social websites and their dumping of conservative writers but such as Louis Farrakhan and Linda Sarsour continue to spread their hate without threat of being silenced. So getting back to our opening paragraph, we salute our Jewish Super-heroine, Laura Loomer. Even without a cape and the ability to fly, she sets herself up as a role model for all of us….speak out and fight for the Jewish people and Israel before it’s too late.

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  1. miss Laura Loomer on twitter. feisty and honest. they tried to get rid of Diamond and Silk, being black stood in their favor, twitter did mot want to be seen as racist, LOOMER BEING A JEW, is ok, Democrat leftist so calked Jews will not stand up and fight on her behalf.

  2. Keep us informed as to how she’s being treated…outrageous that she should be silenced, horrific in fact–let all opinions be heard; we,the people, can sniff out the truth without any large corporate filters!

  3. Laura Loomer has been captured on video seeking out literal Nazis for sex. She’s a collaborator, and by defending her, you are too. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, both Jews themselves, would have spat in your face for suggesting Loomer is a role model of any kind.

    • ND A
      Spreading lashon hara is to be avoided. I do believe Laura Loomer to be super hero! We need many more brave and committed people like her!! Are you helping Am Yisroel? The USA?

    • She actually threw the keys of her handcuffs away?

      If I had been the police chief of that precinct, I’d have left her to shiver in the dark all night long and publicly mess her pants as they “searched” for a means to cut her chains. She’s lucky no one with a box of matches came by and tried to immolate her.

  4. “In other words, she supported Sharia Law which is a threat to our Constitution and our freedoms.”

    Yeah, “In other words…,” as in “in other completely unrelated words with no correlation to the proceeding sentence.”

    “And Omar is unquestionably in favor of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement that can easily be characterized as anti-Jewish.”

    It may be easy to type those words, but it’s less of an easy characterization and more of a willful decision to operate without sense or nuance.

    Hey, here’s an easy characterization to make: this article blows.

  5. How come that Omar had Jewish supporters? When you befriend Muslims, you should know what to expect.

  6. To be honest, if I was a Jew like Laura Loomer, or anyone who supported her, I’d be truly ashamed.

    Because she’s as racist, hate filled as the Nazis.

  7. Laura is a hate filled racist, who socialises with neo-Nazis, anti semites and white suprematists.

    And she devotes her entire life to hatred and persecution of Muslims.

    You should be truly truly ashamed for supporting her. Your ancestors were killed by similar people.

  8. She attacks Muslims because she’s a racist – and her social circles are filled with white suprematists and neo Nazis.

    Judaism is nothing but a convenient excuse for actions that are motivated by pure racism

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