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The Politicization of Pittsburgh

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Before we begin, we humbly ask all of our readers, religious or not, to pray for the souls of the victims slaughtered last Shabbos while davening in the Aitz Chaim shul in Pittsburgh. May they rest in peace.

Mourners gather at memorial set up outside the Eitz Chaim synagogue. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

We wished that there would have been a period of sincere and devotional mourning for them. Sadly, though, it was the Democrats, led by their front offensive line, the 99% Leftist, Lying media, who in a flash, jumped on the horrific news and turned this tragedy into a political talking point: “Trump did it!” concludes CNN, no friend to the State of Israel. This was posted by their site on October 29, 2018: “The Pittsburgh killings targeted Jews–and America’s soul.” An innocent appearing headline but throughout the article they cunningly conclude that the Republicans are behind the hatred and murder in America. They lead us to believe the hatred of Jews emanates at the feet of our president.

“It is an increasingly urgent question whether President Donald Trump’s deliberately divisive politics may be giving license to extremists.” Throw in: “[Trump] has used tropes and language known to appeal to a tiny minority of extremists who might contemplate violence. Trump has recently taken to proclaiming he is a ‘Nationalist’ and berated ‘globalists’ — two designations that have innocent connotations in some contexts but are also recognized as code words by anti-Semites.” So, to believe that America is great, leads to a lunatic, who by the way happens to be a Trump hater, to want to kill Jews. You figure!

Another strong-armed supporter of the Democrat Party, the Soros family jumped on the “Trump did it!” bandwagon with the likes of the group, “Bend the Arc” run by George’s son, Alexander Soros, leading the way. This group, claiming to be the largest Jewish social justice in the nation, the next day after the massacre, published a letter blaming the president for the attack. 11 members of this group signed on to it thusly: “For the past three years your words and your policies have emboldened a growing white nationalist movement.” Really?? And just where were these “shomrim” Hebrew for protectors, when the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, with Barack Obama sitting in the first row at the Chicago United Trintiy Church, was berating Jews and calling for the destruction on Israel? Who in his right mind would not have called that inflammatory hate speech? Obama surely didn’t and neither did Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, the ultimate Democrat Jew haters.

Rep Keith Ellison is a supporter of the controversial Louis Farrakhan. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

If they were at all concerned about Jews being targeted, where were their bellowing voices over the candidacy of Andrew Gillum, the Dems candidate for governor of Florida who was closely aligned with the likes of overtly Jew/Israel hating black groups such as Dream Defenders and Black Lives Matter? How about the anti-Israel venom spouted by NYC’s newest congressperson, Alexandria Acasio-Cortez? And Louis Farrakhan supporter, Keith Ellison, running for Minnesota’s Attorney General seat? And throw in a rash of other radicalized Muslims running for offices around the country. Don’t they merit any letters or marches of protest from these faux Jewish organizations whose purpose is only to weaken and suppress the voices of Jews who should by now be waking to the lies of the Progressive Pied Pipers leading us to obliteration?

Secondly, we have a problem with the entire liberal Jewish community and their claim that Judaism is equivalent with liberalism. Anyone, such as President Trump because he’s an enemy of liberalism must be viewed as an enemy of Jews. Now we understand why the Orthodox Jewish community has been denounced by the Conservative/Reformed movements as bigotedly hostile not only to them but to women, LBGTQs and minorities. “Throw enough soggy pasta repeatedly on the wall and some will stick,” is their motto. But it doesn’t (always) work.

Our current president, in his love, respect and support for American Jewry and Israel, stands alone as the best ever in this regard. Look what he has done to anger these self hating Jews. He has stopped cold in its tracks the Obama/Iranian deal that was aimed at Israel’s destruction. He has defunded not only the Palestinian Authority but HAMAS and UNWRA as well. How many Jewish lives did that save? He was the only president not to lie to the Jewish world that he would move our embassy to Jerusalem. And to poke another thumb in the eye of these progressive “Jews” he stated that America now considers Jerusalem to be the eternal capital of Israel. The Soros’, Jeremy Ben-Ami’s, Robert Wexler’s and the rest of those who claim to be rooters for Israel but who work behind the scenes to create another Holocaust, angrily and frustratedly see in Trump a giant of a man who has not only been a staunch friend, ally and brother to Israel but has recreated a movement in this country that once again stands tall and respectful as Americans when the flag is paraded by sing the words to The Star Spangled Banner with pride, openly and loudly.

We end, again with prayers for the Aitz Chaim departed and appeal to The Almighty to watch over every one of us, both Jew and non-Jew so that our lives and those of future generations will be lived out with peace and serenity.

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  1. Sadly, The Jewish Voice: (1) falsely asserts the Democrats say “Trump did it”, and (2) ignores Trump’s deplorable statement regarding the synagogue ‘not having a guard’ — laying partial responsibility for the massacre on the victims.

    • The article does not assert that the Democrats say that “Trump did it!” Rather, said quote is attributed to CNN.

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